Dream Interpretations

Tarot is an extremely useful tool in dream interpretation. Dreams and tarot cards are very similar in that they use symbols to convey meaning to the happenings in our lives and the reasons behind those events and experiences. Symbols are a language that, though silent, reach our subconscious and delve into our deepest desires and feelings and express them in a way that we can begin to understand them and put them into motion. Tarot and dreams are the perfect combination, as they work together to deepen our understanding of these symbols.

There are countless tarot spreads designed to convey all sorts of different messages and answer questions about different aspects of life. The following tarot spread is designed to help interpret the message or meaning of a dream.

There are seven cards in the spread, placed in a spiral shape, spiralling out clockwise. The reader shuffles the cards and then chooses the querent card, the card that represents the person having the reading. There are several ways to choose this card and different readers have their preferred method; some choose a significator based on the physical appearance of the querent. Another way is to use the person’s astrological sign: for example, if the querent is a fire sign such as an Aries, the reader would choose a court card from the suit of Wands. If they were a air sign such as a Libra, they would choose one from Cups.

The rest of the cards are then chosen at random from the pack and spread out in a spiral around the middle card. Each card represents a different aspect of the dream, and the meanings of each card are as follows;

Card One: The first card is the card chosen as the querent card, and is the key to the dream. This card represents the theme of the dream and your feelings towards it.

Card Two: The second card represents the dream situation. It explains the events of the dream.

Card Three: The third card represents the energy within the dream.

Card Four: The fourth card interprets the conscious meaning of the dream; what it means to you in your life.

Card Five: This card looks at the subconscious meaning of the dream, and what it means to you on a more psychic level.

Card Six: The penultimate card represents the energy that is needed for you to either help the  dream manifest physically, if you want it to, or for you to solve the dream’s issue.

Card Seven: The last card is the outcome of the dream. This card shows how the dream will manifest in real life and what effects it will have on you.


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