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Tarot Guru Reader: Shirley Kelly
PIN: 7500


How long have you read the Tarot for, and what inspired you to start?

Hi, I am Shirley Kelly and I have been reading the Tarot cards for the past 26 years. I received a deck of Motherpeace tarot cards as a wedding gift back in 1987 and have built up a living relationship with my deck. I often feel as though the cards are simply speaking to me, and revealing the situation under review with great clarity, honesty and insight. I am a trained astrologer as well as a palmist and have been able to use my 6th sense of perception through the art of divination since childhood.

I very much enjoy sharing my gift with others and love working with people. I find it easy to empathise with client's enquires and feel privileged to act as a medium by which the universe and higher order reality can communicate and guide others. It is my sincere intention to be of genuine assistance to my clients by helping in the best way possible to bring about an insightful resolution to any questions, via a communion with the cards.


What is your preferred Tarot spread and why?

I only work with the round, MOTHERPEACE deck. These are beautifully illustrated and vibrant cards, much the same as other decks in respect to the underlying meanings.

This spread is laid out using eleven cards, three in the inner circle and seven in the outer circle. Each cards placement reveals to us a specific area of our lives, such as our present, past and future. Depending on our present position and our frame of mind the reading will reveal to us the areas which are obstructed and the aspects and influences indicating our fortune and well being.

I find the Motherpeace tarot cards to be light hearted and fun to work with. The lessons and indications of the reading are displayed as a story with many levels of observation and ways of reading the spread. Depending on the client’s mood I can switch gear across different levels of revelation to suit the time and circumstances at hand. It is my aim not only to please the client but also to help to bring about a practical and meaningful development in the inner consciousness, which will be of lasting benefit and a practical help in how we see ourselves and our future.


Which Tarot deck do you use?

Motherpeace Round Tarot

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

I feel the card which reflects the most resemblance to me, is the nine of discs, the woman in the card not only looks like me, but the whole card seems to resonate towards me in such a way that I feel connected to the colours, symbols and meanings in the card. The nine of discs in the Motherpeace deck has a strong Native American vibe.

I also have a natural affinity with the 'Star', the seventeenth major arcana card, which indicates a free flowing energy and soft intuitive powers of clear vision through the purification of mind body and soul.

The Priestess of wands is another card which I find dances around me and insights vision, strength and energy.


What tools other than the Tarot can a client expect you to use during a reading?

Astrology is a subject which I learnt from a close family member, and it has been a way of life and a daily practice for more than 30 years. Although I understand Sun sign Tropical astrology, I only practise Sidereal, Egyptian astrology, which gives more emphasis to the Moon and the stars. Astrological readings can be very revealing, but are also time consuming. A Tarot card reading is a convenient and efficient way to shed light and guidance directly on to a situation at any one time or place with very good results. Like everything else in life, timing is all important and the secret to a good Tarot reading is to relax, harness the moment and read the indications.

Astrology is based on similar principles as a Tarot reading, especially the Motherpeace cards as the spherical cast of the deck, after the shuffling, is laid out like a map of the sky and reflects the influences presently effecting our situation. The reading catalyses the moment and reveals the potential, guiding us and warning us, so as to minimise our difficulties through right action in a specific time, place or circumstance. I would keep in mind the date of birth of the client if they wanted to share that with me. I would be more inclined to use astrology for regular clients, due to the more in-depth and psychological nature of that technique of divination.


Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

I have many readings which stand out in my memory, usually because the very indication in the reading unfolded with precise accuracy some days or weeks later. It may be that the cards want to give us a gentle warning and I have been told so many times that the warning was very poignant. It is my belief; to be forewarned is to be fore-armed. Many of the difficulties in life can in fact be averted with a little sensitivity to our selves and our environment. Life will always reveal our future to us in dreams, readings and signs that can come out of the blue. The trick is to be able to acknowledge them for what they are. All of life is an integrated, swirling and unfolding sequence of events, that each one of us has set into motion at different times and. Reading these cycles and patterns of life is the art of divination.

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