Tarot Guru Reader: Mojana
PIN: 7026


How long have you read the Tarot for, and what inspired you to start?

“I love what I do as I use Tarot as an aid to tapping into the universal consciousness, which enhances and guides one’s life journey to true enlightenment”.

At an early age I was always interested in the mystics of spirituality and was fortunate to have a spiritual mentor, an elderly family friend who was a psychic and healer. He took me under his wing and guided me into the wonderful world of spirituality and psychic readings. I was introduced to various divinity tools but Tarot cards and using the pendulum stood out as the best tools for me to use in my readings. Although I had psychic abilities at age 3, I only started taking it seriously in my later years. I started tarot reading for family and friends around 5 years ago and branched out to the public late in 2011. I thoroughly enjoy Tarot readings, as I am always fascinated of the accuracy of the cards and the successful feedback from clients.

I am just a vessel for the loving divine energy to flow through me to give clarity, solutions and a way forward to my clients.

What is your preferred Tarot spread and why?

Whether it is a specific question reading or a general reading I usually request the client not to give me any information as the energy from the cards give a background history which leads to the current situation. If a specific issue arises; i.e. a client wants a solution to a problem, I would lay the ‘Fast Solution’ spread of three cards: 1.The nature of the problem; 2, The cause of the problem; 3. The solution to the problem This spread is simple and straight to the point.

Which Tarot deck do you use?

The main cards I use are the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Goddess Guidance Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

I love the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. The energy from the cards are awesome as well as the beautifully crafted art work. Wonderful! I also use the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards. I love the positive messages on each card.

What tools other than the Tarot can a client expect you to use during a reading?

I usually work with the pendulum as a quick communication tool with my guides. My guides usually help with the readings by pinpointing any issues or events that the client may need to know.

Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

Yes! There are many but this one comes to mind. I once gave a general reading for a lady when two cards representing Kings came up followed by ace swords, the devil, 3 cups, 7 cups and 8 cups. These cards showed that the client would experience (if she chose to) a lustful encounter with two men. The client stated that having just ended a long term relationship she really was not interested in looking at a man just yet much less having a lustful encounter of any kind. Well, the cards indicated that two men will be entering her life and she will be meeting them at a social event. Around a month after the reading she rang to say that she attended a social event at a hotel in London and met two men that same night. One of the men, the head caterer at the hotel thought he was the bees’ knees the other was a guest at the event and thought he was God’s gift to women. Needless to say she declined both their offers of any kind of relationship.

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