Tarot Guru Reader: Maryon
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How long have you read the Tarot for, and what inspired you to start?

It’s been 13 years since I seriously started exploring the Tarot, but my fascination goes back to childhood when my mother was given a deck of Lenormand cards. My curiosity was further piqued after watching the James Bond film “live and let die” featuring the character solitaire who is a tarot reader. I was captivated by the imagery on the cards. However, neither of these initial encounters with the tarot prepared me for the knowledge to be found in the cards and the opportunity to learn about the depths of the human psyche. I view the Tarot as a unique “book of life” and the potential to learn from it is endless.

What is your preferred Tarot spread and why?

I have many depending on the situation, but for an overview the Celtic Cross spread serves as a glimpse through the keyhole into someone’s life, into past, present and future influences which helps me offer valuable guidance.

Which Tarot deck do you use?

I was initially drawn to the Morgan Greer deck for its beautifully colourful and emotive imagery which allows me to really connect on an emotional level.

A very good friend and fellow tarot reader also gifted me with a Rider Waite deck which I also turn to when I feel the need for a sharper and perhaps less emotive reading. The Rider Waite is very pivotal in terms of its historic use and many texts will often refer to it making it a good choice for a first deck. I often find that a particular deck will resonate with the person I’m reading for so I will alternate between the two.

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

The strength card has come up many, many times for me in’s a card of mastering the emotions and finding inner strength. It has often served as very good advice!

What tools other than the Tarot can a client expect you to use during a reading?

I am also an acupuncturist and healer so although I can’t offer any medical advice in my readings, my experience in dealing with the spectrum of human emotional and physical experiences means I can read with empathy and sensitivity, therefore helping me to establish good rapport.

Sometimes during a reading, I will see images or be guided to share some intuitive advice. My readings focus on empowering people and helping them approach situations in a constructive way rather than psychic guessing games. I do not read too far into the future because I believe the future is formed from decisions and actions we take in the present and the influences of the past which is where the Tarot can really help.

I strongly believe in helping a person find their self worth and empowerment so I see my readings as process of self-development rather than “fortune telling”.

Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

One reading in particular where I visualized an image of a tree with it’s upper branches on turned out during the reading that this related to the person not being grounded and being consumed by many raging thoughts. The reading was quite significant because I was then able to give advice for a simple grounding exercise which helped to quieten the mind and offer a practical solution.

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