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I have always been aware of my psychic ability from a very early age when my grandmother died and started having premonitions in my dreams that came true the next day and I would always know who would be around the corner because I could see them on a clairvoyant level. I saw and felt many things on a psychic level knowing when loved ones had passed over to the spirit world. By using my psychic insight, and my knowledge of the tarot cards complimented with my astrology skills, I can give an insightful and a detailed reading. Also giving sound guidance and reassurance on many areas of your life love, relationships, work, career, and family issues. As a reader I try and give you honest answers to your problems, nothing is set in stone so we have free will to choose which pathway to take in life. Our lives change daily and I hope as a reader I can guide you in the right direction. I'm also an astrologer so if you know your date time and place of birth I can read your natal transits which gives insight to opportunities coming into your life. I also do horary astrology if you have a question when will I hear from him? When will I find a job? How does he truly feel about me? I can ask the horary chart to gain insights in to your questions. I'm a good listener, compassionate and understanding. I don't 'sugar coat' a reading. Please feel free to call me for a personal one to one reading.

How long have you read the Tarot for, and what inspired you to start?

I have been reading the tarot cards for 18 years. I first became interested in the tarot when a friend gave me a pack of Rider Waite tarot cards from a psychic fair. Ever since then I have used many different tarot decks my favourites are the Rider Waite cosmic tarot and the fairy tale tarot pack with their vibrant colours which makes me instantly pick up and gain a strong connection in a reading. The tarot cards give useful information and insight in to a reading.

What is your preferred Tarot spread and why?

Because I'm an astrologer as well as a psychic tarot reader I prefer to use the astrological tarot spread using 12 cards and using the 12 house meanings like that in astrology but to gain more detail and depth to a reading I use more cards on each area of the clients life. The first house is about the self, 2nd house is about gaining insight into a clients financial status, 3rd house is about communication,education brothers,sisters,and neighbours,so if a client had problems with her neighbours I would focus more on the cards that surround the 3rd house in the tarot spread.The 4th house is about family issues, 5th house fun, enjoyment entertainment and children. The 6th house work issues, 7th house of relationships, 8th house spiritual matters and physical relationships and inheritance, The 9th house of travel,and higher education. The 10th house of career and status, The 11th house of friendships and socializing,and the 12th house of secrets. I like using this tarot spread because it gives a lot of information for the client a very in-depth reading.

Which Tarot deck do you use?

I use 2 tarot decks the Rider Waite, and the cosmic tarot.

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

The ace of cups is always a positive card to see in a tarot spread depending what other cards are next to the ace of cups but the card usually means a new relationship coming in or if someone is already in a relationship that's been difficult a fresh start to a relationship should follow. The devil card some people can be scared when the devil card appears in a reading but it's not always negative it can simply mean that two people have a strong bond connection and intense feeling for one another.

What tools other than the Tarot can a client expect you to use during a reading?

I read astrology charts the natal transits progressed astrology charts and horary astrology. The natal transits are opportunities coming in, the progressed chart is past present and future influences by looking mainly at the progressed moon and horary astrology is set to the time a client asks a question.

Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

Feel the readings that stand out mostly are the ones when clients comeback and tell you a prediction came true. A lady was selling her piano and I told her the day and date she would sell the piano and how much she would sell it for she was amazed and asked ''How did you know?'' The predictions that come true the day after the reading. I told a client that her daughter would hear an argument between her father and her father's wife which was about the daughter and my client. My client said she couldn't see that happening because she felt her ex wouldn't have an argument in front of her daughter but it happened the next day after I had read for my client. In another reading I said your boyfriend is going to surprise you in a nice way and ask if you want to move in together again the prediction happened the next day.

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