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How long have you been reading the tarot and what inspired you?

I come from a family of psychic's. My parents and siblings ranged from very psychic to very intuitive so reading anything and everything not just cards has always been actively around me. I started reading tarot in my mid teens and moved on to Oracle cards then on to Angel Oracle cards after I started having angel connections 6 years ago. I was inspired to read Angel cards by accident as far as I am concerned, I wanted to work in Angel healing and went off on a course that taught both and so I left with a qualification in both. I used to sit in meditation and try to hear the angels speak to me and one day they did and they told me if I wanted to hear from them then they would speak to me through the cards and they certainly did. Now when I read I can receive clear messages for my clients who are always thrilled with what they hear.

What is your preferred tarot deck and why?

If I am reading The Tarot, then I love the Rider Waite deck, but I now usually only read Angel oracle cards for clients. I have many decks based on different topics i.e. Romance, Daily guidance, Healing with the angels, Archangel Raphael healing cards, Animal messages, Crystal Oversoul Attunements, plus a selection of decks which have been channelled by Archangel Metatron which are super special to me. As I said earlier I stick to Doreen Virtues Angel Oracle cards for clients as they are very clear and much loved by all who see them.

Which Tarot deck do you use?

I will use 2 sets for public reading so that I can rest and crystal cleanse one pack after each reading. I will use the Daily guidance from your angel cards and the Healing with the angels cards.

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

Good question, there are lots actually. One is Divine Timing, as it reminds me to slow down. Everything will happen in divine timing as I have a tendency to rush into things or to be impatient. Other favourites are cards that point out client’s abilities to open up and work psychically. It’s always wonderful to be present when someone decides to begin working with angels.

What tools other than cards do you use when reading for clients?

When I started out in my healing work I was drawn to intuitively making crystal gem grids to aid the healing process. Now with card reading I will do the same and send that healing out to all who approach me to help shift them forward if they are not in their happy places or to enhance their happy situations. They have proven to be very successful. So yes all sorts of wonderful crystals that have been attuned for healing by the angels. The angels and the Crystals work very closely together so when you hold my crystals the energy is very powerful.

Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

Many healing sessions and readings stay in my heart and memory for many different reasons. One that makes me laugh as well as fill me with joy was done for a lady who was a none-believer who had come to me to test me. I think it would be best to show her response instead:

OH WOW I was so wow'd by this lady!!! WOW Everything was pretty much spot on!! This lady doesn't know anything personal about me, and I don’t put much personal info on the internet, she doesn't know where I live or anything about me. BUT her reading was CORRECT So ACCURATE I'm amazed !!!!! wow!!!!! tbh I never really truly believed in all this kind of thing before, although recently my mind has opened somewhat. But NOW ?? WOWOWOOWOWOWOW This lady is AMAZING!!!!!

Nice to show her that there is more to life than science and what the eye can see.

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