Amber Dawn

Tarot Guru Reader: Amber Dawn
PIN: 7444


How long have you read the Tarot for, and what inspired you to start?

I’ve been reading the Tarot now for around 10 years. It’s one of those things that sneaks into your life and just keeps catching your attention until you listen and begin to learn about the cards, develop your understanding of yourself and the challenges we all face in being human. Once the Tarot calls you to work, there really is no escaping the pull. Seriously, I’ve always been aware of my spiritual self and learning as much as I can to try and understand some of the experiences I’ve had throughout my life being a sensitive. I’ve been drawn to learning about Shamanism, Energy Therapies including Reiki and Crystal Therapy and over the years reading with various decks of Oracle cards. The Tarot is such a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual development and there is always something further to grasp and another way of looking at things. It opens up access to different layers of the consciousness and can help us to see more clearly challenges and obstacles appearing or leaving our lives. We can see a snapshot picture of our life at the moment we have a Tarot Reading, often revealing how we feel about people or situations or what way may not be seeing about people or ourselves that is having an effect on our lives. From here, we can make more informed choices, perhaps helping us to move forwards in a new direction or just gain the confidence to make a decision, one way or the other. Healing messages are gained from my readings with the cards and they always leave me and the people who I’ve read for feeling optimistic about the future.

What is your preferred Tarot spread and why?

I love working with three card spreads because they are so versatile and can be tailored to whatever you need. I’ll usually begin with Past - Present - Future, and other options may include: Where you are / Where you want to be / How to get there, or Challenge / Opportunity / Outcome, for a relationship I may use: You / The other person / The relationship. There are many other options that I can use with three cards to help you in whatever way you need at the time. I like to layout my own spreads using my intuition.

Which Tarot deck do you use?

I’m using currently The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I was gifted these by a dear friend and am so enjoying using them for readings. The colours are bright and the people look real, they have a really beautiful energy and I adore them.

Are there any cards that bear particular significance to you?

Temperance is a card which has been appearing a lot in my readings with people lately. It’s a sign that people are trying to bring spirituality into focus in their lives. I feel it’s a very spiritual and creative card with a positive, bright, uplifting energy. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience on earth. I also love the Nine of Cups because it signifies dreams coming true and wishes being fulfilled.

What tools other than the Tarot can a client expect you to use during a reading?

My sensitive and caring nature is one of the most important ‘tools’ that I can make use of when providing a reading for someone. As a naturally empathic person, clairsentience and clairvoyance will let me know how a client is feeling about certain situations in their life. I made my own Rune Stones many years ago and can use these to back up the Tarot card reading and provide further insight. For deeper meanings and another perspective I use Angel Cards and Medicine Cards. I am a Reiki practitioner and also love using the energy and wisdom of crystals to help my clients. Intuition might guide me to send some healing energy to the client which can be done from a distance. I use all my natural gifts as a sensitive including information I may receive from spirit to help people move through difficulties in their lives. Ultimately, I want to help people find peace and happiness in their lives and may use a variety of tools to help including a pendulum which can get straight to the heart of a matter.

Have you ever given a reading that stands out in your memory for some reason?

I find there is always something in a reading that stands out because each one is precious. It’s amazing to be able to connect with someone on a non-judgemental, all seeing, loving level and share life experiences, hope and pain. I am always in awe of the way in which spirit works to bring people together at the right time in the right way.

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