Love Tarot Readings

Love Tarot Reading from Tarot Guru

Finding a romantic partner to share life with is a priority for many people. But meeting that special someone can be tricky. Equally, once you’re in a relationship, adjusting to each other’s character quirks and routine can be testing. Love doesn’t come with a set of rules and guidelines, so you’ll need all the help you can get. Having a love tarot reading could open your eyes to new possibilities for finding romance and help you to identify opportunities for love that you hadn’t yet considered. Trying a tarot reading could help you make your romance run more smoothly or could set you on the path to finding true love.

Tarot cards are a divination tool that can give you a clearer perspective on life, your possible choices and future paths you might take. An experienced reader can tailor your reading to focus on the area of romance. However, having a reading does not guarantee that Prince Charming will come galloping into your life! Tarot should be thought of as a guide – a tool to help you make your own choices. A love tarot reading will enlighten you to the romantic options you have or could have; then the action you take is in your own hands.

Love tarot readings can be done on the phone, on the internet or in person, whichever is the easiest method for you. It’s important to take a few minutes to prepare yourself before the reading. Think about the questions you want to ask the reader. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place and let the questions float into your mind. Write them down if you think you might forget them. Holding a chunk of rose quartz will help calm you and get you into a positive frame of mind.

Before the reader begins, make sure you tell them that you want the focus of your reading on love and romance. This is so they can focus their intent on this area. When you speak to the reader, don’t be embarrassed to ask exactly what you want to know. You must also be honest with the reader, don’t worry they’ve heard it all before! If the reader sees something in the cards but you are too shy to admit they are correct, the reading will not be accurate.

To get the most from your love tarot reading, ask open ended questions that allow for many possibilities rather than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ one-option answer. Phrase queries in a positive way as this allows the same energy to flow back to you in the form of an upbeat reply. Focus the questions on yourself rather than on other people – this is your reading and the cards are for you not for anyone else. Most of all listen carefully to what the reader is saying. Make notes so you will remember the new information you are being given. Ask questions if you don’t understand something; readers are always happy to try and clarify the meaning for you, where possible.

How to ask your love tarot reading questions:

ASK: Where should I look for love?

NOT: Can I find love?

ASK: Is there a chance for romance between myself and person X?

NOT: Why doesn’t person X like me?

ASK: How can I encourage a positive relationship between my mother and my partner?

NOT: Why doesn’t my partner like my mother?

ASK: What should I be doing to allow love into my life?

NOT: Why does nobody love me?

Getting a love tarot reading won’t instantly change your life for you, but it can be a very useful tool in the search for romance. It can make you aware of subconscious blocks in your thinking or attitudes that are preventing you from taking the final step towards lasting love. For instance, you may subconsciously feel that you are not worthy of receiving love due to childhood trauma. You may not be aware of this but it could mean that you are subconsciously holding potential suitors at arm’s length. A good quality love tarot reading will pick up on this and make you aware of it, so you can bring conscious thinking and awareness to your future search for a partner.

A love tarot reading can highlight areas you are neglecting in your quest for romance. Perhaps you are frantically scouring the online dating sites when the perfect person for you is sitting just across the room in your work office. The tarot cards can suggest possibilities you have not considered. They can also help you to question ingrained ideas and opinions that may be holding you back. A love tarot reading cannot tell you definitively what the future holds because your future depends on the choices you make. It can only suggest possible consequences if you take a particular course of action. The cards will not change your life; only you can do that for yourself, but a love tarot reading can point you in new directions and should give you a fresh perspective on your love life.