Tarot Reading for the Next 3 Months

Can I please have a general reading based on my life over the next 3 months? If anything big comes up can you please elaborate on it?

I am going to draw 3 cards here and I will answer your question.

The first card I have drawn here is the sun card and this is a card very much about innocence, meaning that you are easily drawn into the hard work, it is something that has always been apparent with you, and some would go as far to say you work the hardest. The phrase “all work and no play” is key for you. But great opportunity is on the cards for you, in terms of work or financial matters, because you have the experience and knowledge over your competitors.  Either a promotion or to express new ideas which you feel will benefit the company you are attached too. You have a lot of ideas going around your head that you feel will make a difference to your life and career.

Also this card is about expressing who you are, and is usually drawn when you are in a position when you need to express yourself and let those feelings out. I feel by expressing your feelings at this point in your life you will progress into a much smoother path. Holding your feelings in or simply not saying what you feel is not good for your kind of person.

Finally with this card I will say that if you have a dream or a desire to go for, this is a very positive card which shows that you can do it and probably will accomplish it, if you do it now.

The second card is the knight of cups, and this is a very unusual card, this card means that you are a very creative person who is always looking at what is next in life, but this card has its warnings to not just jump straight in without looking at the details, because though you’re able and willing, intelligent, and passionate, this card is a warning that rushing ahead will not work in your favour. Make a plan to present and show that you know exactly what you are talking about and how much you have put into your work.

What’s also interesting with this card is that romance is on the cards. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for a relationship, things are soon going to become a lot more interesting,  as it is on the cards for you.  As I connect the two cards that have already been drawn, I can see that you are someone who is looking for more success in life and the opportunity is coming your way. I say within the next two months, you will see yourself ahead and your life settling into a much calmer path.

I have mentioned the much calmer path a few times, and I feel things haven’t been the easiest recently or fear of not succeeding taking place. But I feel that this is coming to an end now, and you shouldn’t allow yourself to get caught up in those memories as it can hold you back.

The last card I have drawn here is the king of cups and this card is very much about emotions. Though he seems quite unconnected to each situation, he is a very wise and caring person. This lets me know as a person you are very good at separating fact from fiction, or calling it as it is. This card also lets me know that you are a great business man who has yet to peak in your career path. Though I feel that personally you believe you have peaked and have nowhere to go from there.

Looking at this card with the other cards I have drawn, I would like to say you have the right mind frame and attitude to succeed in life, as well as the experience and the knowledge. The opportunity is coming your way very soon, though I also feel flair for love or romance is also coming, you will be able to handle it perfectly with your new role. But this opportunity will not just turn up without some aid, you must go for it as every card drawn is a positive and the outcome should be something you want.

I hope this helps you on your path.