Settling Relationship Differences with a Horseshoe Tarot Spread

The following reading was given to Julie who wanted to know if her and her boyfriend could settle their differences and move forward.

The spread that was used was the horseshoe spread. This allows the reader to concentrate on a specific question and get a more detailed view of the situation.


  1. Past influences
  2. Present
  3. Hidden influences
  4. Obstacles
  5. Outside influences
  6. The best course of action
  7. The outcome

1.       The King of Cups

This shows that Julie has had difficulty in the past showing her feelings.  It reminds her to be more demonstrative and affectionate to others as it will help instil trust and can rebuild relationships.  Julie admitted that she isn’t very good at showing her feelings to John and that had put a strain on their relationship.

2.       Temperance

There is a need for Julie to balance her emotions.  Temperance is reminding her to become aware of those feelings and the impact that they are having on her own life as well as others.  The cards message is that by managing her emotions, she will find that she has more clarity of thought, and is in a stronger position to make better decisions.  An important question that Julie should be asking herself is:  what do I need to do to get the equilibrium back?

3.       Hermit

When the hermit appears in the spread it highlights the importance of having some quiet time to think things through. She should utilise the time to take stock of the situation.  The hermit reminds her that it’s time to seek answers from within, and once she has those answers, then she can start to move forward. Some questions that she may find helpful at this time are: what is working in the relationship? What isn’t working?  What could she do differently?

4.       Six of Cups

The obstacle that is preventing Julie from moving forwards is her past.  She has been reluctant to focus on the here and now and has been reminiscing.  The card shows that she needs to become more present and start to notice all of the wonderful things in the relationship that are working.  The card is also guiding her to also focus firmly on her future.   Doing so will allow her to get back in alignment with what she wants, and help her to feel more optimistic about the situation. There is also an indication that the friendship and passion within the relationship will be rekindled.

5.       Two of Pentacles

The outside influences that have affected the relationship are work.  This shows that Julie has had to juggle with a hectic life in the past.  She admitted that the demand of the job does interfere with her relationship.

6.       The Star

This is known as the wish card and is always a welcome sight.  It signifies a dream will soon come true. Julie should trust that everything will work out for the best.  The omens look good for a happy and fulfilling relationship so she should let it develop at its own pace.

7.       Nine Of Cups

Nine of cups are further evidence that the relationship will work out.  It indicates that Julies wish is about to be fulfilled as it shows a magnificent outcome. Happiness, stability and satisfaction are foretold by the card. Although the card is a positive one it reminds Julie that effort and action is still needed to bring her desire into fruition.