Example Readings

Are you unsure of how your reading may go or how the reader will interpret your question? Why not have a read of these example readings below. Each of these  readings has been conducted by a real Tarot Guru reader providing you with the best insight into our skilled Tarot Readers before you experience your very own reading.

Settling Relationship Differences with a Horseshoe Tarot Spread

The following reading was given to Julie who wanted to know if her and her boyfriend could settle their differences and move forward. The spread that was used was the horseshoe spread. This allows the reader to concentrate on a specific question and get a more detailed view of the situation. HORSESHOE SPREAD Past influences […]

Tarot Reading for the Next 3 Months

Can I please have a general reading based on my life over the next 3 months? If anything big comes up can you please elaborate on it? I am going to draw 3 cards here and I will answer your question. The first card I have drawn here is the sun card and this is […]