Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Wheel of Fortune is a highly symbolic card, featuring Aquarius (the angel), Scorpio (the eagle), Leo (the lion) and Taurus (the bull), the four fixed signs of the zodiac. Around the wheel are a sphinx, a snake and an anubis. The sphinx represents the riddles of life, and sits on the top of the wheel, clearly stating ‘I rule’. The serpent, descending the left side of the wheel symbolises the Egyptian god Typhon, the god of evil. His position on the wheel states ‘I have ruled’, and he also represents the force of life descending into the material world. On the other side of the wheel, the Anubis rising represents Hermes, symbolising intelligence and wisdom ascending, and his position states ‘I will rule’. The eight spokes in the wheel symbolise the eight Sabbats of the year. Overall, the card represents the circle of life and the idea that everything is a cycle.

If you draw the Wheel of Fortune, it could mean that the cycle of your life is taking a turn for the better, and that you are due good fortune and happy times. Even if things are currently difficult or challenging in your life, drawing this card shows that a time will come when things begin to look up. However, the idea of the wheel is that although there is a natural cycle, you need not stand still and wait for good things to come; you can actively pursue them. You do not need to just accept what life hands you, do whatever you can to stay on the top of the wheel, and keep saying ‘I rule’. You need not be discouraged by misfortune, in fact you should accept that sometimes bad things happen and that they are natural and all just part of the process.

There may be unexpected external factors that are influencing you, possibly something happening that it is out of your control. If crisis strikes, you may not be able to change what is happening, but you can learn to adapt to the situation and deal with it accordingly. Remember that every crisis holds the potential for opportunity. You may not know how things will turn out, but if you accept them and try not to force change, you will get through the bad times and eventually come to enjoy the good. Keep optimistic and have faith that things will turn out for the better.

If you draw the Wheel of Fortune in reverse, luck is unfortunately not on your side. You may have recently experienced something that has turned your world upside down and caused havoc, leaving you feeling powerless and that everything is out of your control.

The card could also represent resistance to change, which could be just as bad. If you are resisting a big change, either consciously or subconsciously, you are not allowing things to run their intended course, and are personally hindering the natural cycle.

If you draw this card, you could think about your actions and how best to change your current circumstances for the better. If something bad has recently happened that you were not expecting, think carefully about the events leading up to it and how these contributed to it. Take some time to consider how to regain control of your life and experiences and how to improve your luck.