The World

The World Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When The World appears in a reading,  it can literally mean “The World” in the sense that you will need to take the world into consideration at some point. In  this card we see a lady floating in mid air as a bright blue sky surrounds her. She is feminine and free and often holds a baton in each hand and a scarf surrounds her. You could say she has “everything”. Perhaps the world is at her feet? Or perhaps she is reaching out for the world.  She may even want the world! This is a powerful card and makes a bold statement  that it may be time to start joining together in order to create wholeness and beauty.

Sometimes we are not completely alone in our lives, even though we think we are, the world connects with peoples’ souls and lets you know that we are all part of each other.

The World  is an extremely fortunate card,  but it is also an expansive one and covers many different aspects of life. In order to interpret this card’s full meaning,  it is imperative that the reader takes note of the surrounding cards. Perhaps the world seems ironic to the person in question, or perhaps they instead feel that the world is their oyster. If the world sits in the future position of a spread then a big journey awaits and there is a lot to do. If it sits in the past however then there will be a sense that the person in question has experienced an awful lot in life and is perhaps now ready to settle into a calmer environment.

If this card relates to love or relationships then there may well be a need to consider everything as a whole. It can also indicate that a glorious future awaits the couple or that they will travel together. The card can also speak about culture and education in relationships. Sometimes the world in relationships can mean that one partner is taking on too much of the other’s problems, as in “the world is on their shoulders”.

Work and financial situations herald a time of progression and executive status in life. There may well be an applause or recognition and the person in question may find themselves moving into a period of adventure. It may  seem chaotic but it will be fun and rewarding! Always be prepared for new experiences when the world shows up because you could go absolutely anywhere. After all, this is the world we are talking about!

Should this card show in reverse then it could point towards someone’s world being turned  “upside down”. Perhaps plans have failed in some way or perhaps things haven’t turned out quite how you expected. In some cases this card may illustrate the country Australia when it is upside down, but not always, the reader will have to use their intuition. In most cases however this card speaks about an upside down perspective or that someone is feeling upside down. Look at the surrounding cards to draw your own conclusion,  for example if it sits next to signs of a house move or property upside down then perhaps the enquirer is going to move to an upside down house or a bungalow or perhaps the sale will even fall through – there are always reasons. Open your mind and form your own perspective.