The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Tower card appears in a reading it reminds us that sometimes things have a habit of spiralling out of control, therefore we often panic as we usually see an image that represents chaos, frustration and a lack of control. Whatever is going to happen is simply going to happen, and there is not an awful lot we can do about it! We will probably experience some turbulence and some frustrations, but the key aspect of the card is to let whatever is meant to be just be so that we can welcome in new beginnings.

The Tower card also has a connection with Mars, which stands for war and certain catastrophes. It could be that you are fighting a war with someone or that you feel as if your belief system has been shattered in some ways. Many people come face to face with an uncomfortable exposure when they see this card in a reading. Usually what we experience with The Tower is a false set of beliefs or structures being revealed (in the sense that they literally tumble down on us and reveal an ugly truth).

It could be that an affair finally comes to an end after living in false hope that the other person may leave their partner. Perhaps we imagined that our finances would take care of themselves, when really we are digging ourselves into bigger debts. Or maybe an argument that you had been trying to avoid has finally broken out.  Whatever the issue, the Tower warns you that it is going to happen anyway, so avoidance won’t work.

Although the Tower card seems quite daunting it is important to remember not to panic when it shows up in a reading, instead, embrace its meaning – you are breaking cycles finally and experiencing positive changes. Sometimes when something isn’t quite right in our lives we sit still and do nothing about it. But the Tower is a lucky card, in the sense that it forces you to deal with your feelings of limbo and frustration, and although our castle has been knocked down and appears to be in bits, we can now use our time wisely to build something a little more constructive and stable.

If the Tower card is reversed then this can either mean an ending of a difficult situation or a good time to start something over again. For example, perhaps you have had some turmoil in your life recently that you have found difficult to adjust to, but through that process you have discovered who you really are and where your capabilities lie. Although it may be a painful process, the journey is of self discovery.

Other reversal meanings can indicate some form of injustice – perhaps you feel trapped and unable to escape? You may need to confront the situation. Look around you and consider your options, things aren’t as bad as they seem.