The Sun

The Sun Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Sun breaks out everyone is happy, we feel upbeat, revitalised, calm and at ease with the world. This is exactly what the Sun card expresses. It is an indication that things are going to be “ OK” and that you can relax a little and have your day in the Sun. Very much like the Sun then we are likely to come across others that share the same level of optimism. It is possible that you will come across people who are full of energy and strength as positive energy attracts positive energy.

There is a youthful essence about this card; it is care free, warm and radiant. If it represents you as a person then it is likely that you will relate to the Sun sign Leo or that you perhaps go about your daily routines in a carefree manner. You can spread light to others when this card shows up and if you are wondering how things are going to turn out and the Sun appears then rest assured all will be well.

The Sun is also a symbol of universal love and protection. This sort of love is extremely powerful and can never be broken. Sometimes when it appears at random it is asking you to spread your love around and help others to achieve their goals. It could be that you have a talent for healing that has not yet risen to the surface. The Sun offers us confidence and endurance, when we feel good about ourselves we also feel more able to help others. The Sun helps things grow and just like the Sun we too can help others grow if we shine our lights in the right direction.

If the Sun relates to a work situation then it indicates that you are growing rapidly and have the ability to nurture others too. It is also creative and may be asking you to expand your horizons a little or take on leadership skills. Sometimes if we have planted a hopeful seed and the Sun card appears in a work or social situation it is a sign that your seed is on its way to growth and that things should be speeding up soon. This is a reassuring sign, especially if you have been waiting for a long time!

In terms of relationships then the card promises to protect all that you have, including your home and family. The Sun is also a big family card and indicates many years of happiness and prosperity. Financially if this card shows up then it will be a sign that things are soon about to improve in your life and that you can achieve all that you desire.

Should the Sun be reversed then it usually points towards a happiness that we can not see or have perhaps been avoiding in some way, through no fault of our own. It is still a sign that happiness awaits for us but that we need to open our eyes a little and reach for it in order to obtain all the goodness that it has to offer. Don’t be frightened – soak up the Sun!