The Star

The Star Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Star on most cards will represent a female who is often naked, signifying purity as she has stripped away the baggage that she no longer needs and is now prepared to follow the path of enlightenment. This should be an exciting time for anyone as the Star promises better times ahead.

It is a hopeful card that offers guidance and support. It does not necessarily predict that good things are going to happen immediately, but it does give an indication that things are not as dark as what they may seem. The best way to gain an understanding of the Star card is to imagine a dark sky at night with a little twinkling star in the far distance inspiring us on our journey, and letting us know that we are protected and safe.

The Star will help you through hard times; you can even meditate upon it, or keep it under your pillow at night. The Star reminds you about the magic and wonder you experienced as a child and also asks that you pay attention to the stars in the sky at night as they help to heal a wounded spirit.

If this card relates to business or finances then new inspiration is on its way to you, and ideas will soon begin to flourish. Something unexpected may occur, for example this would be the time to expect an increased work flow, an extra customer that pays you well or a tip that was well and truly needed!

If the card relates to your love life then it suggests that difficult times will ease up. Perhaps you have recently connected with an ex partner? Or perhaps you are looking to meet someone new altogether? The Star will be there to guide you with your instinct so that you can make the right decisions. If the star is in the future in a love reading then it promises everlasting love. Sometimes when we have had arguments with family members and the Star card shows up it offers protection and spiritual love from above. Perhaps someone is watching over you, you may even feel their presence around you when the Star appears as it is a deeply spiritual card.

The overall message of the card tells you that the future is bright and is all out there for you, but it’s not instant, and you must allow yourself time to grow. Ask yourself how far are you are willing to travel to make your dreams come to life? If you put the effort in then you will of course succeed.

If you receive the Star card reversed then you need to think again! You could be holding on to false hope in any sort of situation. It can even mean false guidance or that you have received the wrong information. Sometimes it can point towards and unrealistic focus in life or a situation that you are failing to come to terms with due to naivety or high expectations. Sometimes it’s not always possible to get what you want immediately. The situation will always need reconsidering if the Star shows up upside down.