The Moon

The Moon Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When we see the Moon in the night sky we are thankful. It is a small light that goes a long way. It peers through our windows at night, it inspires us when we feel down and it offers comfort in trying times. The Moon is feminine and nurturing. It controls the tides of the sea and connects with our emotions. It is mysterious and dreamy, and although it doesn’t offer us complete clarity it sure does offer a little sparkle of hope,  not to mention mystery and fascination.

Those who connect with the Moon are said to be psychic, yet when we see it appear in a reading we can feel misguided because it isn’t completely clear where we are going, but that is because we do not need to see where we are going, we can simply wait until the morning when things will be much clearer.

If we take the Moon card in the Rider and Waites deck we see a dreamy looking Moon with mystical colours and two dogs staring up at it barking. But why are they barking? Are they barking out of fear? Or are they barking because they do not understand the Moon? Perhaps the dogs even know something that we don’t. What is so intriguing about the Moon card is that it can have so many different meanings.

It can be artful, joyful, mystical, spiritual or watchful. It is what poets write about, what lovers dance about, and what seekers ask about. Without the Moon we would be lost in our cycles, we would feel lost in our instincts and starved of our emotions. The Moon is what feeds human desire. So if it turns up in a reading and looks rather gloomy, look for the hidden meaning, as that is what the Moon is all about!

However, it can indeed be a confusing symbol of our emotions and our cycles, usually if it appears in a negative position in a reading, then it is warning you that you are not in balance with your own rhythms and cycles or perhaps emotionally you feel unstable. Just like the Moon waxes and wanes so do we and it is not always easy to predict how we are going to be feeling in a few days time let alone tomorrow! Perhaps it is time to let go of our emotions and give up understanding for a little while.

Sometimes in life when we want to understand something so much it just has a habit of making everything worse. Sometimes, the answers are not possible so perhaps it is better to simply accept that things are confusing without trying to change them or shape them the way you want them to be. The Moon, like the Sun is a strong light, but the Moon just chooses to shine in a different way. Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when the Moon appears is that it is always dark before dawn.

Reversals of this card indicate that you are in a daze and that you are perhaps living in a state of unreality. It may even feel as if you are constantly swimming under water or that you are walking around in a complete smog. Sometimes it can even speak about the need to escape through substances such as alcohol, or that one feels the need to run away rather than face situations head on. It is wise to think carefully about your actions when the Moon appears reversed as your state of mind will not be clear enough to make accurate and precise decisions.