The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Hermit stands for “Wisdom through experience”. Usually this card will illustrate a wise old man, perhaps looking slightly frail and lost, but carrying a lantern in his hand which is showing him the way.

He has been through a hard time, but he has gained wisdom and important knowledge and finally he is starting to see the light.

When the Hermit card turns up we may be spending time by ourselves, we may feel lonely and confused but it is a card of recovery and certainly a card of awakening.

It is not normally a card for social activity and the person in question will usually be on a special soul journey where they allow themselves to go inwards. Here we come face to face with the desire for peace and solitude other a period of endings or frustrations. The times ahead are now leading to enlightenment, illumination and clarity.

Perhaps it is time to start writing ideas out on paper? To research, to even create. It is the card of the novelist, the writer, the poet or the researcher. Sometimes after going through tough times we discover something amazing about our individuality and identity. So this is the time to embrace it and really make something of that deep, inner knowledge that we all hold. As we watch our own flame flicker in the darkness, we can begin to relax and feel the spiritual vibrations of our own intuition and instinct.

If the Hermit card represents a person it will usually point to a wise old soul, or an inspirational person. Perhaps it is the querent’s friend? A loved one or a grandfather/grandmother . Whoever this inspirational person is, it will usually be a good contact for the querent to gather knowledge and wisdom from.

If the Hermit card in reversed it can be an indication that you are refusing to face good counsel or your own inner wisdom or knowledge. It can also indicate that you have perhaps cut yourself off from others in some way. If you are refusing to face your inner wisdom then perhaps it is time to look around and ask yourself why? The Hermit is a very spiritual card and encourages you to seek knowledge as best you can.