The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Hanged Man is something of a frustration. Often it indicates a three month wait, whilst other interpretations could point towards some sort of sacrifice that needs to be made in order to progress and move forwards.

It is a little mysterious and can often be misunderstood in readings, as it is indeed a paradox and reminds us that sometimes all we can really do is wait!

If we give ourselves permission to let go however and accept that sometimes things are out of our control, then we may well be walking into victory. Patience is certainly the key with the hanged man. He can also be a sign of untold secrets or someone that is stubborn.

If this card relates to a person or a relationship situation then it is more than likely speaking about someone who is not prepared to let go, or someone that is controlling and difficult. If we are looking at relationships or friendships then again this card will indicate that things are temporarily on hold.

Work and finances will take on a similar meaning. Perhaps we are stuck for the next three months or perhaps we feel trapped in our work or unable to move. The Hanged man could also talk about the need to rest or break for a little while in order to gain a sense of clarity.

In general this card will probably just express the frustration that we feel when we are uncertain of direction. We may feel unclear about boundaries, but really, the only way around this one is to wait and see what happens, only then will we have had the experience to know about boundaries and direction.

If the Hanged Man is reversed then it is time to look at our hang ups in more depth. What is it that is really bugging us? There will be a need to affirm and talk things through. You might even be fearing change and have therefore resorted to being stuck rather than actually living. Usually a handful of changes are desperately needed in order to get things moving again when the Hanged Man appears upside down – he is already upside down so this means double the work! Don’t panic! One step at a time!