The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

On most cards, The Fool is represented by a man leaping off towards the hills. He is innocent and naïve because he has doesn’t bear much knowledge of the world, yet he craves it. He is on his way and he doesn’t care if he falls over! In fact he is so carefree that in some images we see him stepping off the edge of a cliff! Therefore the message of this card is to let yourself go, make mistakes and live the experience or you will never learn.  But don’t be too naïve.

The Fool can literally mean “The Fool” at times, and represent someone who makes bad decisions, but ultimately The Fool is a free spirit and desires freedom. He has a liking for adventure and leaves his heart open to new experiences. Quite often this card will indicate that a new learning experience is on its way to you and that you must grab it with both hands. We may feel fearful at first because it appears alien to us, but in order for any of us to learn anything we must first of all make mistakes and be prepared to get our hands dirty. The final outcome will be worth it.

If this card applies to your work situation then it is giving you the thumbs up that your journey is now unstoppable! It is exciting and exhilarating. Sometimes this card can connect with a career that involves travelling or moving in some way,  such as a house move or an office move, but not always. When this card shows it is the butterfly movement in the belly that sets you off on your journey, new inspiration calls and doors are continuously opening, so keep your eyes wide open!

The same will apply to relationships with this card – perhaps you are just about to meet someone new and feel a bit nervous? It can also be a calling for you to go your own way on a slightly more negative note; it can also imply that you or your partner desires more freedom.

In terms of finances,  this card will speak about freedom coming your way soon. Perhaps you have been tied in to paying debts ? If this is the case then the Fool tells you that freedom is soon on its way to you and that you can begin to walk with your head held high again, stress free!

If the Fool is reversed then it will indicate that your desire for freedom is blocked in some way. It may even be that you have too strong attachments to other aspects in your life that are hindering your freedom. It could be time to let go. Sometimes it suggests that you have failed to follow your instincts or that you need to pay more attention to your gut instinct. Often there will be a need to listen to your heart and not what others are telling you or advising you to do. Let go and move on in your own way!