The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Empress shows a deep connection with femininity and heralds a time of birth for new ideas, inspirations and creativity. Sometimes the Empress represents the Mother figure in a reading, the Anima and the Feminine Principle. This can be quite a mystical card as it points towards nature, nurturing, the symbol of fertility and Venus. It can also be a symbol of beauty and wealth. If you are female then the card may talk about womanhood or the search for something deeper. Perhaps you are more in touch with your feminine side than what you realised? This applies to both sexes.

The feminine side to our personalities tends to be protective, empathetic, sensitive and nurturing. Many of us have these qualities already but when the Empress shows they have slowly risen to the surface making us feel empowered and full of abundance.

If you spend time studying the image of this card you will see the Empress herself surrounded by beautiful forestry, she looks full of life and at peace with herself and expresses a calm aura. She represents the very fruit of our souls and sets the perfect example of motherhood.

If this card applies to your relationships then new beginnings will emerge for it is the birth of something new. The card can also speak about worship in any case. To be worshipped, to be admired and to put one up on a pedestal. Sometimes the person in question can find themselves overwhelmed by the power of worship they may feel defenceless yet strangely protected and respected so this can be an interesting card to deal with.

It may also be an indication that the person in question needs to give birth to new ideas as far as relationships go . but in most cases this card will illustrate a need for a new love or family growth of some kind.

In terms of work then this card will almost, always represent some form of creativity as it’s motto is “I make” therefore you will usually be dealing with a person that likes to make things or create things from what they feel, see and hear.

Both with work and finances this card is talking about the making of something new – i.e.  money will be made from creativity or a time of abundance is coming in so you can reap the benefits.

Should this card show reversal then you are perhaps ignoring your true femininity and keeping feelings locked up tightly. The reversal asks you to let go and feel your way through things. Try and be more creative as quite often the creative side is blocked with this reversal . There may also be a desire to be more fruitful or more abundant with life but the timing just isn’t right when this card is upside down so hold on! Be patient!