The Emperor

The Emperor Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When The Emperor shows up in a reading it’s usually time to think about our responsibility – has your situation given you a sense of status and authority? Or has it made you feel inadequate? Are you calling for more authority? Or do you need to seek authority? Perhaps your desire is even to meet someone a little more authoritative? This is the card that organises, controls and protects. In many cases this card speaks about a father figure.

The image portrays an older looking man with a white beard usually sitting on a throne – he is looking straight at you and asks you: “Is everything in order?”.

Sometimes this can be an indication that you are ageing gracefully and that wisdom is now on your side. You have now learnt enough and gathered enough information to retire in some form.

If this card represents a man in your life then he won’t take things lightly and is likely to have a serious demeanour. He could be coming in as an advisor or as a director with a managerial status. If this card applies to work in particular then you will soon meet someone that can help you to achieve your goals. However, sometimes this man can be rather controlling and particular about what he wants. Because he is passionate, he doesn’t always understand how those around him feel. He is strong in his beliefs, old fashioned and rather insular. However, he will always remain loyal and provide you with good advice, both with work and finances.

If this card applies to your love life then it could be asking you: “Who is the boss?” Do you feel in control? Or do you feel as if you are being controlled? It might even be time to take charge of a relationship and grab the bull by the horns. Sometimes The Emperor can talk about unnecessary pressure in relationships, even bullying, so always be sure to stand your ground firmly.

This card could also indicate that you will soon be meeting someone that has a professional career path.

Should this card show reversal then it is time to think about confidence. You may be letting someone get the better of you or selling yourself short in some way. The reversal is often a reflection of your conscious mind and is warning you that something needs to be brought to the surface – ignoring it will cause more doubt and destruction. Ask yourself what you want – who is in the driving seat?