The Devil

The Devil Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Devil card often portrays a creature that is half man and half goat, dancing to the music of the pipes that he holds in his left hand. Other images show both male and female chained to him, but often the chains are loose and they are free to remove the chains if they wish. So why don’t they? The message in this card then, is suggesting that we are free to remove the chains, but more often than not we can not see that we are tying ourselves up.

The Devil is a lustful figure, he is tempting, devious yet extremely attractive to us. We know we shouldn’t go there but temptation often overpowers us and before we know it we are stuck in a situation that isn’t serving us justice. When the devil creeps up on us we feel powerless and may even blame others for our troubles in life. Sometimes we are so desperate to achieve something that we go via the wrong route, we also look for temporary fixes when things don’t go our way and it can often be hard to recognize the cycle that we have got ourselves mixed up in.

If the devil card applies to a work situation then often it will speak about the need to control. Perhaps you are controlling too much? Or allowing others to control you? Quite often there is much success attached to the Devil in a work situation and can speak about a need to be a little more daring in order to achieve the goals that you have been reaching for.

In terms of love life, unhealthy relationships often play a huge role and also speak about power and control and the need to let the other person go in order to move on. There is often a sense of weakness where one might feel they are sacrificing their own emotional well-being to sustain and keep hold of a relationship for the other person’s insecurities which have been pushed to the side. Sometimes sexual desire even takes over and blinds us from reality with the devil. There can also be jealous and controlling partners on the scene which are mistaken for as being kind and caring due to the camouflage of manipulative persuasion.

Financially the devil indicates that you are perhaps gambling a little too much in life and that finances need to be taken care of. Sometimes materialism takes over and we become more consumed with the glamour of life rather than the necessities, therefore greed and small mindedness often take over here. You may need to watch your back if you have just come into some money as quite often there is a devil lurking over your shoulder that you haven’t quite recognised yet!

If the devil card appears upside down in a reading then it is a clear cut sign that you may be taking things too far and that you could be taking yourself deeper than what you intended by digging a bigger hole. Pay attention to your surroundings and let go of addictions that may be hindering you. If you receive unexpected offers concerned with love , finance or work then there is an absolute need to read between the lines and to also keep your eyes wide open and be cautious.