The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Chariot often shows the image of man steering two horses. There are many ways in which we can interpret this image. One is that it portrays a healthy ego, one that is strong and self assured in the sense that we know both our strengths and our weaknesses. The other is that we are perhaps looking at both the dark side and the light side of the human psyche. This can also speak about choices in life, do we go left or right?

Because the man in the image looks so self assured and confident it could also illustrate someone in your life that has everything under control or is perhaps even too controlling in some way. Personal interpretation of this card has to be taken in by the individual, and the surrounding cards are very important.

Sometimes, we ourselves need to take control. Perhaps life has become unbearable or perhaps our feelings have become unbearable. On a positive  note, the Chariot himself can represent victory and success and this in particular will apply to difficult situations that have got out of hand, such as work, family, arguments, children or relationships. Quite often we are relieved when the Chariot himself turns up after waiting a long time for love or a job to finally arrive at our doorsteps.

Overall the Chariot is both positive and negative. Past, present and future will always need to be taken into account and the reader will have to be in tune in order to gain a fair and accurate interpretation.

In work and financial  situations we will need to be determined, forceful and self confident. In love we will need to be open to choices and opportunities. During difficult times we can be open to new possibilities and change and sometimes when we feel as if our luck has run dry, the Chariot himself comes to the rescue.

This card may also apply to travel, meaning moving forwards very quickly in life or a small trip abroad. It may also be an indication of a business trip.

If the Chariot is reversed then it is likely that we have failed to achieve a certain goal in life and can also speak about bad choices or bad vibrations. Someone may have treated you unfairly and you may have allowed them to overstep the mark. You will need to stand up and be strong so that you can gain more revere. It is important that you focus on your own personal energy and wellbeing at this stage so that you can achieve the right level of victory and success.