Temperance Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Temperance card turns up in a reading we usually see a woman sitting or standing by a beautiful stream pouring water from cup to cup. It has a peaceful, tranquil feel to it, meaning – no rush needed. We can take time out, we can look after ourselves and we can find balance and rhythm.

It is a card of reflection and asks you to choose your time wisely. The card also reminds you that you are in control of what you are doing, whether you believe it or not. This is a great time to balance things out and get things straight in your head. Because it is such a watery card, it may even be a good idea to spend time near water so that you can gather your thoughts.

Even if you need to experiment slightly more with life then go ahead and do it. Perhaps you are trying to merge two families together? Perhaps you are rebuilding your house or adding on an extension? You could even be making positive career changes, but just remember that “moderation” is important if you are taking your ambition seriously. Another key word for Temperance is “patience”, so if you want good results you will have to take the time to measure out specific details, make enquiries and plan your ideas accordingly.

From a relationship perspective, this card can warn you to take things slowly and go with the flow a little, if you are uncertain. Are you at ease? Are you perhaps waiting for a storm to calm? Perhaps there is a need for self love first and rebalance. Other meanings of this card can point towards healing. It is the card of the great healer! It is also extremely lucky and very spiritual, as it is ruled by the Sun sign Sagittarius. If you have been neglecting your own needs a little and not paying enough attention to yourself then again, the card advises you to spend time in a more harmonious environment.

If the card is reversed then it does imply a lack of balance or suggests that you have taken things to extremes. It asks you to stop and consider your own flow of life. There is usually a lot of frustration whenever this card is turned upside down, it could be emotional stress or a rushed decision that has caused more harm than good. The card advises you to stop and think in this case about how you can turn things around. It reminds you that you need to slow down as your creative talents and energies may be being wasted on something that is draining you. Seek advice from your higher self or from someone you feel comfortable with and listen to the voice of reason. Whatever the frustration, ease will come after taking time out to reboot things.