Strength Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

In most images the Strength card shows a Lion with a maiden by the side of him. Sometimes the maiden is even seen sitting on top of the beast illustrating confidence and passion, as if trying to tame him in some way. This communicates a message of deep inner strength – that sometimes we have to face what may seem fearful to us with the belief that we are just as strong as our opponents. However in most images we see the maiden as being kind, loving and compassionate, offering patience to a ferocious Lion. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to go via a different route of adversity. Rather than reacting aggressively we can show that ends can be met through love and peace, in a calming and nurturing way. This is the test of strength for many.

Because Leo represents the symbol of a Lion you could even be dealing with a Leo or a difficult person. For example behavioural difficulties in the work place or at school, if so, the card reminds you that you will have to step up and be a leader bearing in mind that it is perhaps also wise to give others the space that they need so that they can grow and find their own inner wisdom and higher consciousness. In this case the Strength card reflects a range of different aspects that you find within yourself to help guide others, such as animal, spiritual and physical.

Whatever situation you find yourself in when the Strength card appears you can always be assured that things will improve and that you have both inner and outer strength to not only help yourself but also those around you.
If the strength card applies to a work situation then you may be struggling with an ego clash or someone with a self destructive nature, the card reminds you that you can twist things around a little by showing warmth, understanding and even emotion. There may even be a need to show a little more maturity than usual. Remember that if you have to meet someone a little more than half way then it will not be seen as a sign of weakness, because you will be illustrating confidence, professionalism and compassion and will be admired for it.

In terms of love, strength asks you to draw on your own inner wisdom. Sometimes impulsive decisions lead to regret and there is often a need to overcome obstacles by searching a little deeper within and using your divine knowledge to bring light. Often there has been arguments or difficult conflicts as far as relationships go. If you are wondering whether you are going to pull through upset and challenges then the answer is yes! You are stronger than what you realise.

In terms of finances, you may have to rely on your strength a little while longer until you begin to see the winds of change. It might seem like a hard slog but it is important not to give up as your courage and determination will be what pulls you through to a period of financial success.

If the strength card is reversed then this is a sign that the maiden who was stroking the lion’s mane is controlling or manipulative. It also a sign of cowardice, fear or intimidation, indicating that there is a lack of assertiveness in a situation or that someone around you needs to step up a little more and gain some backbone. It can also point towards a refusal or denial to face a dilemma through fear, quite often the person enquiring would have gone inwards due to a fear of what may be revealed or exposed if they face the issue they have been trying to conceal. Let go and draw upon your inner strength.