Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Queen of Swords sits in a chair with a sword placed by her side. She is defensive, protective, articulate and intelligent.

She represents the element Air – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. She is all about intellect and Wit. Usually when she shows up in a reading it is time to speak your mind as this Queen has no problem expressing how she feels. She could however, indicate a difficulty in your life, as this is the sort of Queen that isn’t going to back down very quickly and has razor sharp abilities. She may be opinionated and hard to get to know but she always stands up for what she believes in. She will see things for how they really are and will not beat around the bush. Usually, she has few friends but will protect the ones she does have fiercely.

This Queen will usually have a dry sense of humour and can be of an acquired taste. Because of her hard earned life style and difficult background this Queen makes a great therapist, teacher, police officer, leader or counsellor- she is sure to help you see the woods through the trees and she has no problems in detaching her emotions – she’ll get you through anything! She is a great person to have on your side. If she shows up unexpectedly in a reading she is asking you to watch out or take care of yourself more. She is also inviting you to stand up for yourself and if you need to put those barriers up, don’t be frightened to be an ice maiden. It could be that you have to give a difficult presentation but are frightened of public speaking. Take the Queen’s advice and detach yourself, by creating a wall that no one can break through.

Are you seeking advice? Perhaps this Queen is going to help you in some way. Maybe you have a friend that is similar to this Queen? It could be that she is going to stand up for you in some way. It can even point towards new teaching skills or intellectual conversations. Whatever the situation, just remember the Queen of Swords wont let you down.

If the Queen is reversed then it may be that you are masking yourself too much in relationships and perhaps even over analysing things to the extent that it is becoming emotionally draining. Your words may even be causing too much chaos or your barriers could be too heavy. This is a warning for you to lighten your mood as best you can or perhaps be aware of the sensitivity of others around you. It might be wise to step back and analyse a problem from a different angle – you could be seeking advice from the wrong person. Perhaps you have had a fall out with a friend? Or feel you can not trust someone. The Queen of Swords upside down can also be an indication of a personality clash or even a superficial personality. Sometimes we allow our egos to stand in the way of certain situations and a strong mind can cause more harm than good. Think carefully about your actions when this card turns up upside down.