Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Queen of Pentacles represents the  Earth signs, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, so when this card shows up, we are usually dealing with people who are earth bound, practical, organised and professional. These types of Queens hold a powerful position in life and are very independent when it comes to making their own money. They don’t need anyone telling them what to do because they can do it themselves.

Although this Queen is rich and glorious she is also warm and friendly. She is the type of Queen that will invite you in for tea, lend you money and keep a secure home environment. The Queen of Pentacles is a great mother figure; being so closely connected to earth, she knows how to nurture. She is in love with nature and all its beauty. Quite often this Queen will be fond of animals, she will feed the birds, she will take in stray cats, and she will make sure the water is always fresh.

One thing is for sure when this card shows up, and that is trust. You can let go of fears and instead let this Queen take hold of them. She does all the talking when it comes to finances, she has a methodical mind and is very good at saving money. This Queen just magically balances things out, where others find themselves at loose ends.

If we are looking at finances and this card appears – then lucky you! Sometimes this card can mean a lucky or sudden turn, or it may represent someone powerful in your life that takes care of your needs.

In terms of a work connection, this card will be informing you of a sudden change such as a step up the ladder, a new figure of authority entering your life, or the chance to become a little more independent with your job. In many cases this Queen talks about running your own business or becoming freelance. She may also be an indication of a partnership or a positive lady entering your life who you can start a new relationship with.

If this card shows in reverse then it is time for you to become more stable in life – you may be ignoring your needs. The reversal is a sign that you need to nurture yourself and your abilities. You may be lacking motivation in some way but the reversal of this Queen is telling you that you do have the ability to become more secure and independent in life, so here is a little hope to get you on your way.