Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Queen of Cups is usually seated on a throne looking reflective and at ease with herself. She represents the three water signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, and the cups represent the water feeling of the three water signs,  so you are usually looking at a lady who is sensitive, emotional and creative. She is usually psychic, magnetic and mysterious. These types of queens have a nature that is full of compassion and empathy, they make great counsellors and are very good at nurturing. The Queen of Cups will always think with her heart, she is all about feeling and she can even be a bit moody, vulnerable and volatile.

If this queen appears in a reading then it will more often than not speak about the enquirer or someone he/she is deeply connected to such as a mother, sibling or close friend. Sometimes the queen can speak about our emotional involvement in a situation, such as changeable emotions at work or feeling sensitive about a particular project. It could even be that the enquirer is finding it hard to separate their emotions from their work.

Whichever one, the queen asks you to think about your emotions and the impact it is having on your life. Perhaps you feel as if you are sacrificing too much in your life and that you need more love, or it could be that you have a lot of love to give out. Maybe you are empathising with someone else’s pain and finding it hard to detach yourself? It may even be that your psychic powers are becoming stronger and the card is warning you to pay particular to attention to your gut instinct.

If this queen is reversed in a reading then it can speak about an overpowering energy that has made you lose sight of your own love. It can also speak about our creative side being blocked. It is perhaps important to take account of the people around you. Are they blocking you? This could be due to a lack of depth or limited understanding. The message is not to allow other people’s emotional issues to weigh you down. Take care of yourself.