Page of Wands

Page of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Page of Wands brings a positive message associated with work and creativity. He has a super high energy and wants you to succeed.

He delivers opportunities to you and speaks about talents and self expression or specific goals that you may be longing to achieve. If this card connects to a person in your life then he can sometimes come across as a bit showy and egotistical or he may simply just have a gift for sweet talking you into what he wants but usually he will do it with charm and integrity. If you are thinking about buying or selling something and this card shows up then it could either be giving you the go ahead or highlighting a warning that something isn’t quite right, whichever one will depend entirely on the surrounding cards.

Sometimes the Page can speak about a young boy that is vibrant, enthusiastic and adorable, or it could mean someone slightly younger than yourself is going to enter your life, but in most cases The Page of Wands is about moving forwards as best you can. He often sends a bit of luck your way, reminding you that your talents may have been slightly overlooked. It may be time to start thinking about being a little more assertive than what you have been. Perhaps you have recently lost your faith in something? If this is the case, the Page is bringing it back to you.

Overall the Page suggests that you just do what you feel is right, you can’t go wrong, not with this extra boost of confidence that the Page offers you – he is light-hearted and full of spirit and zest, and is there to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. Sometimes when we relax a little under challenging circumstances something miraculous starts to happen. If our energies are blocked then we are not open to receiving the goodness that we have been praying for.

If the Page is reversed then perhaps you are experiencing an uncomfortable relationship with your inner child? There can often be a need to just let go and embrace what you feel you need to without worrying what others think. Inner frustrations are more than likely with the reversal of this card so always think about what is holding you back. It could even be that you are in a difficult position in regards to a relationship, perhaps it is a relationship that won’t allow your true creative streak to shine through? Quite often the reversal can point towards mental blockages. Do your best to renew your energy and think outside the box.