Page of Swords

Page of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Page of Swords appears in a reading it is time to take a long hard look at our communication skills. Are we speaking clearly? Can others understand what we are saying? Are we perhaps too brash or are we mimicking what others are telling us?

On the other hand perhaps someone is speaking untruthfully about us, or it could be that wires have been crossed and we have misunderstood the concept entirely. It may even represent false information or be time to adjust our self expression and think about how others perceive our words.

Sometimes this Page will bring challenges, suggesting that growth will begin in our favour. We may experience difficult people or children and learn new means of communication. We may even find ourselves taking on a different role with the Page of Swords – because if one thing is for sure, it’s that he is not an easy character!

If this card relates to relationships then we are often confronted with childish tantrums or jealous individuals that use spite and control in order to get what they want. You yourself may have thrown your toys out or felt guilty about speaking your mind. Quite often words will be said in haste and the question that remains will often be “Have my words caused too much damage”? It may even be that a secret has been revealed and now you are faced to deal with the consequences.

In terms of work and finances the card is asking you to embrace difficulties and think about other ways in which you could voice your opinion or concern. You could be dealing with a child-like client or colleague, or you may be finding it hard to say no in case of arguments but the point is – they are going to occur anyway and it will be your own skills and personal values that allow you to deal with the situation as best you can. Perhaps  in this case it would be wise to reconsider what your values are – do they match with the confrontation? If not, what can you do to politely express your view so all matters are respected?

The key is to keep thinking when the Page of Swords appears as the right communication is vital. Your mind may travel with delight on a positive note as it rediscovers assertiveness, intellect and mental activity!

If the Page of Swords is reversed then it is predicting the unpredictable! You have no control so remain calm. People’s moods may be imbalanced and you will have to counteract. Try and observe the behaviours around you surely but slowly and think double hard before acting! It is not a good idea to make quick decisions at this time – think carefully before signing anything or speaking.