Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Page of Pentacles speaks about messages to do with finances. He can bring good news in terms of material gain and prosperity, or he can be a warning for you to watch your finances. Normally when this card shows up however, you can expect a little luck to come your way. Sometimes this can be an indication that money is coming to you in small amounts or that you are going to receive some small benefits.

The important thing to remember about this card is that it is a seed, not a plant. When you put effort or hope into something, you must wait for it to grow. For example, perhaps you have recently made an investment and are eager to see the results? Patience is the key and the Page of Pentacles is asking for you to allow a little more time, but ultimately comfort, enrichment, and a chance to see your dreams flourish are on the way.

The Page can also stand for a child, often with dark hair but not always. Sometimes when Pages show up in relationship readings they can indicate that a young-at-heart adult is on the scene, or perhaps someone who needs to grow and develop emotionally. But because the Page of Pentacles is so earthy, there is usually a need for grounding in some ways. Perhaps it is time to settle or make a bigger commitment?

Any warnings associated with the Page of Pentacles can point towards possessions. In many circumstances it is related to house moves or to relationship issues and the Page can speak about a need to protect possessions in the household. It can also point towards unexpected material gain or a surprise, such as receiving unexpected finances, a ring or a new car.

If the Page should be reversed in a reading it can indicate that there are blockages you are refusing to face or that you have not achieved the goals you were anticipating. Perhaps you have become unenthusiastic or lazy? You may be spending your time daydreaming rather than focusing on reality. Therefore the Page is sent to you as a wakeup call. Rather than focusing on short term ideas – perhaps try and focus on long-term ideas? This is a time to take life a little more seriously so that you can sustain your happiness and fulfilment.