Page of Cups

Page of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Page of Cups is a little bit like cupid or an olive branch being handed over. He is a sign of peace and love, and he brings you magical opportunities that relate to feelings of love and deep emotion. This Page will often suggest that a passage has opened up for you – you are now ready to climb through.

This will be a joyful time and will often clarify that whatever you are feeling is for real.“Am I in love?” – yes you are! “Does he/she feel the same way?” – Yes they do!

Sometimes this card speaks about a young child with passionate feelings about the universe or can even express young , innocent love. It may even indicate that you are protected by the spirit of love itself.

When we place ourselves in the true heart of any situation we often need to know that we are protected in some way, and this is what the Page is suggesting here. In terms of romance this card is then perfect, as it reassures you that you are branching out into something new. This also stands for family, friendships and new connections that you might make.

This card can also have an artistic tinge to it;  we often find ourselves meeting young artists when this card arrives. We may even be on our way to discovering a new talent within ourselves or relighting an old one that we have not had time for.

If you are exploring new projects or business ideas then this card can be a sign that you will have a helping hand from someone truly inspirational. Now would be the time to bring the poet, the painter, the artist or the creator into your life in whichever way you feel you need to. Perhaps you are expressing something heartfelt, setting up a new charity or planting new seeds in the garden? Whichever one, you can be sure that your seed will flourish. The page of cups helps your ambitions and dreams spring into something rather delightful!

Should this Page be reversed then you may be fighting your visions due to a fear of reality. It is important that you allow your ideas to reach the surface. You may even be fearing commitment of some kind or avoiding a psychic or artistic talent that you hold. The reversal asks that you ground yourself securely so that you can allow yourself to taste the finer things in life – more doors will open as you let go of fear.