Lovers Card

Lovers Card Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The urge for union is usually quite strong with The Lovers card,  and it can indicate a moral or ethical crossroad. This is the card of decision, and it represents the point where we are forced to come to terms with what it is we are really looking to attain. The card could be an indication that you must now stand your ground and think about your personal beliefs. Perhaps if you have been walking on a pathway that no longer serves you any purpose it is time to reconsider and reevaluate. Or perhaps you have reached a crossroads in your relationship.

The Lovers card usually portrays an image of two lovers by a tree facing a choice. This could be anything from marriage or divorce to disputes with soulmate partners.

The Lovers card represents Gemini, and sometimes Gemini struggles to make decisions. Communication is very important as far as Gemini is concerned, so when making any sort of decision it is always important to take communication seriously. For example, you may need to communicate your ideas to someone else before making a choice, for example  if you are thinking about moving in with a new partner, communication would be a vital part of the process. It is important to know that holding things in or keeping things a secret won’t work.

Sometimes The Lovers card can actually talk about love, but not always. It is up to the reader to determine. Most books on The Lovers will talk about choices, and it’s not always in romantic partnerships either. For example, you may have an important family decision to make, or you may be thinking about buying a new house.

The Lovers in reverse could indicate that you are holding back from making an important decision or could even indicate that you are making the wrong decision! It is important then to use your gut instinct and analyse things in detail. Think about your spiritual needs and desires when this card shows up in reverse. Are you going against them? The card could point towards quarrels around work, or perhaps a demanding partner that feels you are paying too much attention to work rather than the relationship.

Whatever the situation, the key aspect of The Lovers is choices and it is important to remember that we are all free in the decisions that we make. Once we have established what it is we want out of life then we can go ahead with our plans in confidence.