Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Knight of Wands is a frivolous character and is full of energy and passion. He is not afraid to try something new. He can be something of a drama queen and can often be associated with the arts and crafts. The Knight of Wands is the perfect character to enter our lives if we have been feeling a bit lifeless ourselves, as he brings new flames of spark with him and a ray of sunshine.

However, the disadvantages of this Knight often entail a recklessness that can be pretty unforgivable, as he can be shallow in his thoughts and demanding. This is not the type of character to hold a deep and meaningful conversation with but if you want to play and have some fun then he is your guy! Just be careful of that temper when he doesn’t get his own way.

In readings this Knight could represent a passion with you – perhaps you have lost the Knight of Wands within yourself? Or perhaps you need to let go and have some fun. This card is an excellent sign that better things are on their way if you have been taking life too seriously. The Knight urges you to let go and loosen up a little!

If this card applies to your relationships or friendships then you are dealing with someone that can magically charm their way into situations, so smoothly you may not even recognise it. The twinkle in the eyes and the “devil may care” smile can be quite enough to have you positioned in his idealistic frame. This Knight can talk about getting your act together in relationships and releasing the inner fire, or he could be someone that can’t sit still for too long but takes you on new journeys.

In terms of work and finances this is an excellent card, as it will speak about new ideas which are often very inventive and original – perhaps you are charming your way into a very unique money situation? In other circumstances this card can be the card of the “Salesman”, smartly dressed and prepared to reel you in – watch out, as it’s normally too good to be true!

If the Knight of Wands is reversed then you mustn’t give up on your ideas. You are not allowing yourself to experience creativity, and you may feel as if there is perhaps too much competition with the struggle for perfection. The reversal reminds you that you do not have to be perfect, you just have to be you. Try and stop comparing yourself to other people. Other reversals may indicate a run in with someone smarmy and pompous.