Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Knight of Swords is usually a frank, outspoken character. He can be rather rash and forceful and has a way with words. He will usually represent the comings and goings of others and sometimes he breaks in as a new entry and an entrance he will certainly make! He is all about air and thinking and can often be in two minds about situations or even be a little two faced. Most cards portray an image of a young man on a horse with a shadow of another man behind him. Therefore what we see with the Knight of Swords isn’t always what we get, he often has a dual personality and he can surprise, shock and stir us leaving us feeling like the rug has been pulled out from underneath our feet. So sometimes this card is a warning to you that trouble may be on its way.

However, on the positive side this Knight can often be very logical about situations and realistic. He will be fluent in speech and can shield himself well, particularly when faced with an argument. Although he can be very rude and direct he can be a fantastic person to have on your side. However he will find it hard to show feeling and believes that situations should be handled with authority not compassion. He will be blunt and straight to the point.

Could this be your partner? Or a child you are struggling to handle? Sometimes strong minded people are hard to reason with. The Knight could be a warning that you may need to change your communication style or adapt to his stubborn way of thinking. Sometimes when we communicate in a different light we can turn the minds of proud soldiers and Knights without them realising, it just has to be done in a subtle, yet manipulative way. So in many cases the Knight of Swords is about reasoning, but remembering a challenge awaits as he is never going to be easy.

If this Knight happens to show up in a relationship reading then it can illustrate an uncertainty between the two or that a split has occurred. Sometimes it can even point towards betrayal and dishonesty so it is important to watch out for signs.

In work situations difficult circumstances may occur which will require your attention, often there is jealousy involved or someone around you that you feel is perhaps deceiving you in some way. The card can even mean a split between jobs, so perhaps you are going to be balancing two jobs rather than just one. Financially, the Knight may be speaking about a split in money or someone who is envious of your fortunes – so always watch your back.

Should this card be reversed then it can speak about blockages such as a writer’s block or a slight lack of inspiration. Perhaps you are not following your intuition and relying more on the thoughts of others. Quite often the reversal illustrates a cocky young man with a bad attitude or someone around you that isn’t giving you an easy time. You may have to be patient and wait a little longer for things to change or remove yourself from the space you are in and let time take its toll.