Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Knight of Pentacles brings you a message that you must keep going and you must be persistent about it too! The Knight often appears dark haired with a coin in his hand. Whose coin is it? Is it his or is he passing it on to someone else? He is perhaps refusing to give in to money? Usually this Knight is hard working and very goal orientated – he won’t let anything stand in his way and isn’t usually the type to be anchored in on an emotional level. Business means business!

If this card applies to your work situation then lucky you! There is good news on its way to you, perhaps even a pay rise. It may even speak about new challenges or new candidates. This message is almost always positive as far as material, finances, and work go. On the flip side however this Knight can sometimes be interpreted as someone who is incredibly stubborn and egotistical, so you could be dealing with someone rather tricky, depending on the surrounding cards. The Knight could also represent someone new entering your life around a work situation, someone with a very serious demeanour but strong sense of logic, such as an accountant, IT Consultant or marketing director.

If this Knight represents new love then it will more than likely represent a young person who is perhaps working alongside his father or part of a family business. Usually this Knight wants to make his own money and he knows all the tricks – he is very business minded and determined to get his own way. On the other side this Knight could be a message that your relationship is about to become a little more comfortable – it can speak about material things,  such as buying a piece of jewellery for your loved one or discussing future goals as to where the relationship is headed.

If this Knight is reversed then we could be looking at some form of redundancy or a situation where money has become rather tight. It can also point towards bad news as far as money goes, but it is important to recognise the fear that is causing you to lose track of your finances. Usually the person in question of the reversal will already know that finances are a bit shaky and that it is time for simple re-evaluation. The upside down message of the Knight could also be an important reminder of an unsigned tax return or some paper work that has been pushed to the side.