Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Knight of Cups arrives to us on a horse with colour and vibrancy. Many are drawn to this card as it symbolises romance, creativity and art. This Knight is full of imagination and is wondrous in his nature. He has exceptionally high levels of intuition and emotion that he  isn’t frightened to reveal. He may be a little melodramatic but he is passionate, as he is the messenger of love. He can be a bit sulky but only if he feels misunderstood.

If this Knight applies to your love situation then he is warning you that deep feelings are about to rise to the surface. Usually when this Knight arrives in our readings we ourselves can feel full of illusion and fall in love with the idea of love itself. We can feel very sensitive and inspired, so much that we lose ourselves in the process, but be careful because things may not always be what they seem.

This card can often speak about a new relationship coming your way, so if you are enquiring about relationships and this card shows up, then the answer is usually yes – new love is on its way to you. Quite often we need to find balance with this card, are we perhaps feeling too much? Are they feeling too much? Are the feelings between the two equally balanced? And how do we feel about ourselves? Sometimes this card talks about seeking inner beauty, the need to love and cherish oneself.

In work and financial situations this card will remind us that we need to stick to what we feel is best and reveal our desires and inner passions. We may feel that we need to express ourselves a little more so than normal with the Knight of Cups at work, perhaps we are going to meet someone in a work situation or perhaps we are being supported by someone financially within the family? In terms of work and money, the Knight of Cups wants to protect you and provide you with abundance as best he can, so this is a good card.

On the whole the Knight of Cups is very genuine, he helps to put that bit of spice back into your life, he is the ripened fruit from the tree and he is the poet and the mystery of life. We are always attracted to something when the Knight of Cups arrives, so be warned! But try not to lose yourself too much as we can feel so allured sometimes that we lose track of reality.

Should the Knight of Cups be reversed then he reminds you to think carefully, as often the situation at hand will have a hidden meaning, like you can’t see the full picture. There may well be a need to remove rose tinted glasses. Quite often the reversal of this card implies that we have gone too inwards and are failing to acknowledge what others around us can see. Although difficult, try looking at things outside of the circle you are in when this card shows reversal, as quite often you have missed something.