King of Cups

King of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The King of Cups sits on a throne looking rather dreamy and reflective. He represents the Water signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. He is a wise soul with an intuitive nature and has a deep spiritual knowledge of the universe; he can be prone to being a little bit sensitive, touchy and emotional.

This King isn’t particularly bothered about the material things in life, although he appreciates their worth.  He is the sort of King that may be inclined to feel more in touch with nature or people’s souls and personal development. He is kind and caring and is often creative, and can even be poetic.  Many will find this King to be a “true romantic”.

Sometimes this King can be an indication that you are in need of some nurturing – he is a natural healer and good counsellor and has the ability to listen to your problems without making any unnecessary judgement. This is the King that believes in freedom and will usually do whatever he can to help you under difficult circumstances, he won’t hold you back, instead he will help you grow.

If this King relates to a love situation then he will represent someone that has your best interests at heart.  He can also be the symbol of “true love” and a sign that love is everlasting.

In work situations this card can point towards an understanding man who is tolerant, empathic and encouraging. He cares deeply about other people’s’ feelings. If you are going through a hard time in a work or social situation then the King of Cups is there to remind you that he is on your side, should you need him for some advice.

Other indications of the King appearing in a reading could illustrate a need to be more considerate of those around you. It could also suggest a need to take a different approach to a situation rather than going at it with force.  He asks you to slow down and consider the feelings of those around you. You will need to be gentle and calm.

If this King is reversed then it could be a sign that you are ignoring your intuition. It can also represent nativity and taking other peoples’s feelings for granted. Perhaps you have treated someone badly? Or misled them in some way? The reversal asks you to think about your actions carefully. On the other hand in can also point towards someone taking advantage of your feelings or emotions. It is time to create your own happiness and think about the handling of your feelings and intuition. Try and find an alternative solution and avoid arguments if you can.