Justice Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Justice card rules the Sun sign Libra – the balancing scales. When Justice appears, it is time to start thinking about fairness and equality. Are your scales balanced? Are you treating others around you in an equal manner? More importantly, are you being treated fairly?

This card can seem a little harsh and objective but there is a lot of natural force behind it, which is often very karmic. Receiving the Justice card in a reading may urge you to make adjustments to your life in a number of different areas. It could be speaking about your emotions, your finances or your relationships. Perhaps you even feel that you are spiritually out of sync? Whichever one, it is time to look around and start analysing which areas of your life need rebalancing or restructuring.

The card can sometimes point towards legal matters but in most cases it relates to karmic cycles. Perhaps you have just won  justice in an argument? Or regained your strength and courage in a relationship? It could even be that you have spoken your mind and won praise for it.

Other interpretations of this card can sometimes point towards the past asking us to look over what we have done and recollect. Perhaps it is time to contemplate future actions and take more responsibility. It is very difficult to hide when the Justice card appears, and it can be very hard to make excuses for our actions.. In this sense,  the card asks you to expose matters of the head and the heart so that you can find your way forwards again after being stuck. With most work situations this card will point towards revaluations or meetings of some kind. Quite often there will be a need to talk things through and go over minor details.

In terms of love and relationships, this card often expresses a need for more balance in the relationship, rather than things being one sided. The card reminds you that it takes two people to make a relationship work, therefore when the scales are balanced, everything tends to flow better.

Financially, this card can be an indication that things have been a little out of control but that they are soon sure to be set even. Sometimes it can ask you to watch your finances, for example perhaps you are spending too much money going out rather than saving.

If the Justice card is reversed then it often implies that you are perhaps being treated unfairly in any situation. It asks you to stand your ground and not to back down. There can also be a sense of dishonesty or lies when the card is upside down and you are either being dishonest to yourself or to those around you. It is very important that you consider everything when this card shows up upside down. Be mindful of who you judge and ensure that you have a balanced view before making any demands or judgments.