Judgement Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

As we face Judgement we see the rising call of an angel. We even see mummies rising from their coffins with their hands in the air and the image is somewhat of a mystery, perhaps even a little disturbing. Just when you thought everything was over perhaps it isn’t after all?

Sometimes in life we lock our secrets away, we push aside our dirtiest thoughts, our memories, our guilt and our anger until the day comes when we will be judged for how we have dealt with those feelings.

Have we denied ourselves and our spirituality? Have we perhaps taken things for granted? What about the people around us? How have we treated them?

Sometimes what goes around comes around and in many cases the judgement card is often seen as a karmic test, as in final judgement point. It can come to us in two very different forms. Are we forgiven? Or do we need to go back? Whatever situation stands we can always choose hope instead of fear and we can always choose courage rather than denial. We can rise above all evil and teach ourselves the truth. We can also express who we are when judgement shows and accept life for what it really is – it may feel like a short, sharp shock but we will soon learn about our strength because judgement doesn’t give you anything that you can’t deal with.

If this shows up in a work or social situation then you will be asked to prove yourself. You may be going for a contest, you may be going for appraisal, you may even be going to meet your in-laws – whichever one the judgement card reminds you that you must always be yourself and do the best you can in order to receive a fair and accurate judgement. Trying to hide from the real you in situations such as these won’t wash, it will stain and leave a muddy mark. Be true to yourself!

If the card applies to finances then you may well be approaching a situation that needs the judgement of others. Quite often the person in question will be receiving criticism from others in regards to how they go about spending their money or earning their money.

In love situations others around you may not see your relationship as beneficial. Quite often people around the outside of the affair will view the question of love at hand as shameful – for example the Querent may be dating someone a lot younger, or someone from a different cultural background. They may even be dating someone that they know is not serving them justice but refuse to let go because they are too tied in. Therefore when judgement calls it is time to face facts, you may be losing friendships or offending family members by continuing with a path that is cul de sac.

Should Judgement be reversed then quite simply – you are ignoring your instinct and refusing to face up to what you know is right. You may be feeling lonely and may feel a longing to be set free but you need t break habitual patterns in order to do this. It may be difficult at first but soon you will begin to see that weeds need to be dug up so that new plants can grow.