Death Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Death card usually represents a Skeletal Death with black robes or armour. Sometimes we see a scythe or a flag which features a white rose on a black field and then often there is a rising sun, but each card varies.

Naturally lots of people freak out when they see the Death card and these intense images in their reading. But it is nothing to be feared and is merely a representation of change. If you are very fixed as a person then changes and new beginnings can be incredibly hard to deal with. Not everyone likes change. Symbolically when readers see natural endings (the death of a situation), they may see all sorts of interesting images which tells them that it is time for the enquirer to move on and transform their life in whichever way they need to, some readers even see the death card in their mind’s eye which informs them change is coming and then of course the death card and actually appear in a reading which is a clear cut sign that transformation is taking place.

Death is a fairly obvious process, and without even realising it, we experience death every day of our lives. For example, the end of a schedule, the end of a meeting, the end of an awkward conversation or the end of a stressful day! Once something is completed we feel more relaxed and more able to complete our next task in life, so it is very important that we consider absolutely everything when we come face to face with the death card in a reading. Quite often, it is an indication that something needs to be stripped away, which could be as straightforward as a paint job or as intense as a breakup. But in most cases, it will indicate a part of you that is no longer needed.. It could even be a part of someone else, like the shedding of one’s skin. It represents the power to transform and the determination to break away from things that are no longer needed. If you can, you should do your best to see this card as being very positive, transforming, progressing, and rewarding even through the blackest of times. It won’t be until you look back you begin to realise. Then you can finally acknowledge strength and courage within yourself.

Ways to embrace the card’s wisdom:

See the Death card as a fresh new chapter. The Death card is warning you that a part of your life is now over and that is perfectly OK for you to look around now and see what other doors are open, but bear in mind that often when one door closes, we spend so long looking at it that we forget another has just opened for us. Perhaps it is a door that you wouldn’t normally walk though? Perhaps it is a door that seems uninviting? You may even worry that you are being misguided. But when Death appears, it is asking you to face any collisions head on as there are exciting new opportunities ahead.

Interesting things about the Death card:

Scorpio rules the Death card so we know it’s all about transformation. Remember, Scorpio has three forms: scorpion, serpent, eagle. The Death card indicates this transition from lower to higher to highest. Scorpio is also about sex. So even if something is taken from us, something new will always be created.

If the Death card is reversed it usually indicates that you are refusing to change your circumstances out of fear or are perhaps staying in a situation out of comfort. It is important to recognise your own dilemma and let go of obstacles that are blocking you. A classic example of a reversed death card is staying in a relationship out of luxury rather than romance or continuing with a job which you are bored with just because it is well paid. Perhaps think about what is going to inspire you rather than what is going to give you more security. Sometimes when something is too secure it doesn’t give us any room to move, a bit like being in a small room with no windows!