Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Ace of Swords in many cases represents power. It is the sword of intelligence, instinct, justice, truth and clarity. However,  in order to gain justice and power one must firmly stand their ground and not back down.

Sometimes this Ace will speak about a challenge that has been set for us.  It can be a testing time, but ultimately the power will be in our hands – If we choose to use the sword correctly. Therefore it is always wise to take time out and think things over before handling a conflict. This is a time where objectivity is needed, so the advice of this card is to look around as best you can and commit to being honest and ethical but firm.

If this card applies to a work situation, you have a compelling idea that needs back up, force and drive, but you may need to consult other people before taking any action. Quite often there will be an important speech on the horizon or a presentation that needs thorough planning and careful consideration. The power of words plays a huge role in this card, so watch out if you are about to attend important meetings or sign business contracts. If you are heading for a debate then the card reminds you that you do have full control as long as you are diplomatic.

If you are facing financial struggles then the Ace will urge you to get your act together and take control as soon as possible. Although things may seem a little wobbly in terms of finances, the card clarifies that you are not seeking the right help and again objectivity will be needed.

If the card applies to your love life then it asks you to take a step out of the circle you are in and try looking in from a different angle, as the Ace will either signify that a change is needed or that a new beginning is about to take place. Your relationship may even require a bit of tough love to get things back to normal again and taking a firm hand pays off well with this card – this also applies to family situations and difficult infants.

Should the Ace of Swords appear upside down in a reading then it can mean difficulty in formulating an idea – quite often ideas will be unrealistic and there will be a need to re-evaluate. Your ideas may be slightly out of balance and you may need to take some time out to clear your head so that new ideas can break through. Try not to let haste stand in your way with the reversal of this card, sometimes impatience ruins things if plans are not thought out carefully. Remember that the reversal of this card is a sign that things might go the wrong way if you do not consider all options and possibilities first. Tact is the key word here.