Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The suit of Pentacles are related to the element of Earth, and the cards in this suit are all concerned with money and any financial or material concerns. As the first card in this suit, the Ace of Pentacles is quite aptly about the beginnings of prosperity and financial security. The card is extremely positive and promises good things are coming your way.

The keyword associated with the Ace of Pentacles is ‘foundation’, and the theme of the card is security and stability on which to build. It represents the beginnings of a new financial era in your life, be it new investments or a windfall. If drawn, this card suggests that you may have recently received, or are due to receive, a large sum of money. Possibly you have received money from an unexpected source, such as an inheritance or even a big money prize through gambling.

Whatever the source, now is the time to use your new means to your advantage. You will be tempted to let loose and revel in your new wealth, but don’t blow it all on trivial things. Use it as a foundation block on which to build and create a stable, secure financial situation for yourself. If you are clever and sensible at this time, you will cause your good fortune to last longer and be more beneficial for you in the long run.This may also be a good time to make an investment or undertake a new business venture.

If you draw the Ace of Pentacles in reverse however, it suggests that you may be in hot water where money is concerned. A financial opportunity may have fallen through, or there is a risk that it will do in the near future. It may be a pay rise, a loan or even an investment. It could be down to your own behaviour; maybe you’ve been greedy, or maybe you’ve taken huge risks on things not guaranteed.

If you draw this card, you need to be sensible and consider your actions carefully. Stop, take stock of the situation, and plan where to go from here carefully. If your financial worries come from too much spending, work out how much you have and learn to live within your means. If you are considering launching a new business or making an investment, tread carefully and make sure you do your research to insure that you are not taking too much of a risk; the reverse Ace of Pentacles suggests that it may not be the best idea.