Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Ace of Cups is an extremely inviting card. In the image we see a huge cup of fulfilment, something irresistible that fills our hearts with both passion and joy. Are you going to reach out for whatever is being offered? Or are you going to ponder over it? The Ace of Cups offers you a new beginning and an opportunity for self expression, love and fulfilment.

It can indicate the start of a new friendship or a new relationship or even a new job. However because cups speak about our emotions, it is more than likely to connect with our emotional lives. It could be the birth of a new idea or the birth of someone new in the family. In most cases, this card will speak about the birth of a new relationship promising relief, happiness, abundance and security.

If the Ace of Cups does not relate to a new relationship then it could well be a sign that you are more open than what you realise. Perhaps there is an opportunity for creative expression? Perhaps you are finally releasing your frustrations through art or drama? If so, then this card offers you a chance to shine and the card reminds you that you have the power to bring great happiness to others on both a spiritual and creative level.

If the Ace is sitting next to a King, Knight or Queen then you could be looking at a new relationship or fresh new start in your current relationship. If the Ace sits next to work cards then you could well find that a project is soon to take off that you are eager about. It could talk about absolutely anything that you are in love with so use the Ace as a thumbs up if you can.

There are many things you could also consider when this card appears, especially if it is in an awkward position. For example if it is sitting next to the death card in a reading then it could mean that your next stage in life is going to be hugely transformational, intense and exciting! If it is sitting next to the Moon card then it could be a warning that entering into a new relationship is not a good idea at this time. However if the Sun is glowing next to it then it does promise deep fulfilment in a relationship and shows you that happier times lie ahead. One thing to remember with any Ace is that there are always new beginnings ahead.

The Ace of Cups reversed could indicate that you are bored and need change in a current relationship or that you are avoiding new beginnings because you are stuck in a comfort zone. The advice in this case is to retreat a little from your current circumstances and consider what might be holding you back or blocking you. You may need to detach yourself from certain social situations that are causing more harm than good. Remember that even if the Ace is upside down it is still extremely positive and urges you to make changes so that you can start opening up and enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle with promising new beginnings.