9 of Swords

9 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The keyword for the Nine of Swords is ‘cruelty’, and unfortunately, that is exactly what is in store if you draw this card. However, the cruelty that this card represents does not come from external sources; it comes from within, and comes in the form of self-punishment and guilt.

Drawing this card suggests that you are worrying about a situation or problem excessively, and that you are causing bigger problems for yourself by allowing yourself to fret and overthink the problem. You are constantly second guessing yourself and are probably keeping yourself up at night thinking about things too much, or if you are managing to get some sleep, your worries take over your subconscious in the form of nightmares.

You are being exceptionally hard on yourself, and you need to give yourself a break. The best course of action would be to take a break from whatever is bothering you, and focus on other things…maybe even allow yourself some time off, and focus on having some fun. This will give you the chance to calm down and decrease the pressure. Then, when you are ready, you can face the situation with fresh eyes and a clear head, and hopefully will be able to solve the matter at hand with ease.

If you draw the Nine of Swords in reverse, it suggests that the worries and fears you are having are actually causing more harm than good. You need to keep in mind that everything will work out for the best in the end. Yes, you will suffer for a little while, but it will be for the best later on. Perhaps you are already on the road to recovery. You will soon work out that nothing is as bad as it seems, and that by relaxing and giving yourself a break, things will be OK.