9 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Nine of Pentacles often shows a woman in her prime. She looks cultured and often gives us the impression that she is assertive in life and confident.  Her finances are in good order and she is very much in touch with her instinct. Her home and her possessions are very important to her. But quite often when this card shows up there is something missing..

Usually when we see the Nine in a reading we have come a long way and feel satisfied with our achievements and there is quite often a feeling of accomplishment here but sometimes when we have achieved so much it can make us feel lonely, therefore we must face the shadow that sits behind us and ask ourselves , “is material enough?”. Perhaps we have become tired of material or perhaps we feel as if our achievements have gone to waste. Do we stand proud in recognition? Or are we letting our talents go to waste? Now may be a time to take control and put things in order, it could even be a time to take our achievements to the next level and think about setting up our own business so that we can give back to society and express new ideas.

The loneliness that sometimes follows the Nine of Pentacles asks you to do something with the things that you currently posses in life. Sometimes we have relied too much on other people and this can include both home and finances, therefore it may be time to  embrace what we have rather than allow fear to hold us back.

However, it can be very hard to break the norm when a  position has become so securely fixed but in reality  we may feel suffocated. Therefore it is now important to pay attention to what the soul is yearning for, usually something that leaps beyond practical matters, perhaps something spiritual or creative. Self restraint often leads to a sense of boredom and stagnation, perhaps life has  been made too easy for us? All of us need challenges in life so that we can grow and develop into the people that we really want to be and although the winds may be slightly turbulent to begin with we can be sure that we will reach a destination that meets the requirements of our inner yearning.

If this card applies to work or social then it may be suggesting that the company you are keeping has turned stale in some ways. Perhaps you feel that you have progressed as much as you can – it’s time to broaden your horizons a little, think about something new. Learning will often play a big role or in most cases an entirely new career direction, something you thought you would never do.

In terms of romance you may have met someone that doesn’t correspond with your tradition but there could be a compelling need to venture into something a little out of the norm, yet a fear could be holding you back. However this is usually a fear of acceptance from family or friends. The Nine of Pentacles in relationships is about growth and learning. Sometimes we have to go through a major learning process in order to find out what we really want out of romance.

Should this card be reversed then the message usually indicates that you have been feeling restrained for quite some time. You may also be allowing others to bully you due to a fear of losing material possessions. Stop and think as now is the time to weight up the pros and cons and think about what really matters. Usually there will be a new spiritual awakening with the reversal of the nine.