9 of Cups

9 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Nine of Cups is a card that shines brightly in any situation and is known to be one of the most uplifting cards in the deck. It promises good luck and is also known as a “wish card”,  so if you have made a wish and this card turns up then your wish will soon be answered!

Quite often the person receiving this card in a reading will decide to make a wish which is then believed to come true within three months – it may not be granted exactly how you expected but something exciting usually occurs after this period has turned.

Because this is a cups card it usually refers to matters of the heart and deep emotions. Sometimes this card is a sign that a proposal is on its way or an engagement party. It can promise long term commitment and a safe and happy marriage, or can be a sure sign that true love is on its way to you.

If this card shows up on its own and is randomly pulled out of a deck it asks you to stop worrying and enjoy the abundance that life has to offer you, it strengthens you and asks you to look at the perfection around you that you have perhaps left your eyes closed to – you might even begin to feel that the universe is yours if you start to relax a little!

If this card does relate to a work or financial situation then there is usually a feeling of absolute bliss attached to it. This is usually the time where something huge is about to happen such as a big contract or leadership role , it is the moment that our dreams come true and often it feels too good to be true, but believe it because it is! Usually the person would have worked hard to achieve what they want through their inner faith and belief , it can be an overwhelming feeling to see that our seeds have finally flourished, but this card gives permission to step back and enjoy what is rightfully ours.

In terms of love this card promises that everything will work out, and there can quite often be a feeling of families reuniting with friends. There can also be social gatherings coming into place along with a feeling of being drunk with love and energy.

Should this Nine of Cups come out reversed then it is still fairly positive . However, it is important to pay attention to your level of awareness, as quite often the reversal can indicate an over enthusiasm where the querent may be overlooking important details which may affect them in the long run. It can also talk about obsessive emotions or allowing too much emotion into a relationship. There is often a need to keep something back for yourself, just in case you run out! So overall the card is expressing an overflow of something, usually emotion. Be careful you don’t run dry and think about balance!