8 of Wands

8 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

In most images on the Eight of Wands we see signs of movement. Finally things are starting to take off. We might see water and travel in the Eight, or we might see completion of some kind signified by the eight wands on the picture, often congratulating hard work. Basically what this card tells you is – the iron is starting to heat up so get prepared to strike! You will succeed in all that you do and now is the right time to start making changes, therefore if your question is “shall I move on” or “shall I start looking for a new job”,  then the answer with the Eight is always yes.

This is the card of good news and information. It could be news about a job change or could be news from a long lost lover. Quite often the news will come as a shock in the sense that you feel caught up in a whirlwind of excitement – even if it is news that you do not expect to hear, you can expect that the dust will settle quickly in any case.

Because the eight stands for a completion of some kind, it may be the natural ending of a job or a relationship, it may even indicate that things need to be put on hold for a while so that the querent can complete other tasks that will no longer wait.

If the card applies to relationships or love then sometimes it is an indication that love will arrive very quickly – in the Rider and Waites deck for example we see eight arrows which can often represent arrows of love arriving from Cupid.  It could also be an indication of  a move that  is about to take place – perhaps you have plans to move abroad together? Or perhaps you are going into business with a lover? It may even be time to take a small trip yourself and complete personal life tasks.

In terms of work, this card is excellent for starting up your own business. In many cases the card relates to working abroad or fresh ideas that need to be acted upon quickly. In other circumstances it can point towards ideas  and activities that develop quickly.

Two key words that go well with the Eight are  movement and travel. Wands also signify weeks,  so whatever the situation, things will usually be taking place within a few weeks!

If the Eight of Wands is reversed then it is a strong indication that you need to slow down with your ideas. Sometimes our minds become overpowered with thoughts and it can be hard to know how to channel them correctly. Any ideas or infatuations are said to be unrealistic at this stage and that perhaps a little more research needs to take place. The reversal of this card can also speak about emotions that have got out of control or arguments that are childish and controlling. Slow down and take time to think before acting or speaking.