8 of Swords

8 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Eight of Swords often shows a woman surrounded by eight swords, she is often blindfolded and we can see that she is trapped in a prison of swords. Who has put the swords there? Was it someone else? Or is she just imagining it? Quite often when we see the eight of swords in a reading the person who is enquiring is trapped in some way or another. What is interesting about the Eight, is that usually we have put ourselves in a complicated situation but we can not see a way out. We may feel misguided, lost of even regretful over life, perhaps we are stuck in a relationship that we feel has no future or can’t bear the thought of getting up in the morning to go to work. The Eight of Swords is there to remind us that we can remove the blindfold and we can also push past those swords of destruction, as in the background we see a light.

If the Eight of Swords applies to a work situation then it is more than likely you feel pressured in some way. Perhaps you are feeling restricted by the people? Are they allowing you to perform in the way you desire? It may even be that the work is no longer satisfying but that you can not see a way out of it. Quite often when the Eight appears in a work reading we have become so drained and fed up with our circumstances that we forget there is a whole new world waiting for us. It may be a good idea to first of all detach yourself from negative thinking before looking for something else, perhaps try meditating or taking a walk with friends for example to clear your mind so that you feel alert when applying for new work.

If the card applies to relationships then quite often the querent will have been “snapped and wrapped” in some-way  Therefore the card asks for revaluation. In most cases the querent has become trapped in a spiral of negative thinking that they can not see a way out. Their confidence for example, may be so low that they feel unable to move away from obstruction. All is needed however is clarity and usually the advice of this card is to take some time out in order to gain an overall conclusion.

In terms of finances this card can talk about the need to settle debts, or to try and consolidate in some-way  Usually the querent will feel as if they are at a bottomless pit or trapped in a spiders web. The cause of action is lateral thinking in order to create a more harmonious balance; there may also be a need to seek counsel. Things are not as bad as what they seem but a series of tasks and will need to accomplished first.

Should the Eight of Swords appear reversed then you may be refusing to face up to your restrictions causing you to feel even more trapped and frustrated. However, sometimes the reversal can indicate that you have already started to remove the blindfold and are looking for quick exits. Think carefully about which exit you take, as sometimes “quick exits” take you back to the beginning. Your search is for creativity and spirituality quite often with the reversal – allow your imagination to run freely as often answers are found through meditation which then allow you to see things in a different light. Use your powers to transform so that you can find logic and reason.